They sow water and life in the Los Nevados National Natural Park

They sow water and life in the Los Nevados National Natural Park
They sow water and life in the Los Nevados National Natural Park

During the Environmental Knowledge Day, led by the Government of Caldas, a group of soldiers from the Ayacucho Battalion, Corpocaldas personnel and young environmentalists planted 150 frailejones in the Los Nevados National Natural Park, contributing to the care of the moors, through reforestation.

“We do not stop, from all fronts we are ensuring respect for nature and biodiversity in Caldas. From the Amazon Plan, the National Army, the Eighth Brigade and the Ayacucho Battalion, we continue with the purpose of sowing water; preserve, care for and restore our moors. This is how we are planting frailejones, which come from a germination process that takes place at the Gualí military base, a pilot project led by our soldier Neira,” said the commander of the Ayacucho Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Juan Gabriel Rojas.

The lieutenant colonel also mentioned that the soldiers who guard Cerro Gualí, located in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Villamaría, they continue to adapt and modernize a nursery at more than 4,300 meters above sea level, which already has plants that completed a germination process of a year and a half. Today they culminate with the planting.

For its part, Laura Marcela Reginfo Benítez, Restoration professional of the Los Nevados Natural Park, indicated that the Ayacucho Battalion has played an important role in the care and preservation of the paramos: “The soldiers are the donors of these frailejones for the protected area. They have been propagated in optimal conditions. Total gratitude and we will continue working with them for this Nevados National Park”.

The soldiers continue contributing to the care of natural resources, developing the Amazon Plan, in order to preserve renewable natural resources and the nation’s strategic assets, in response to deforestation events detected through early warning monitoring developed by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies, Ideam.

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