Six dead in the crash on Route 40 between Villa La Angostura and Bariloche

Around 9 in the morning a crash frontal on Route 40, between a truck and a people transport van with 15 passengers, caused the death of six people, near Villa La Angostura. At the time of the crash the road was wet.

The head of Civil Defense of the province, Martín Giusti, confirmed to RÍO NEGRO newspaper that “unfortunately there are six people dead.” The Police press area had previously reported a lower figure, but clarified that work at the site continued.

The people traveling in the van were tourists who were on an excursion and they were staying in accommodations in Bariloche. Firefighters are still working at the scene. Villa La Angostura, Park Rangers and Police.

The first information establishes that the point of the accident was about 9 kilometers from the junction between the National Route 40 and 237 in a sector known as “Mirador Paso Coihue.”

The truck, a Mercedes Benz Sprinter belongs to a company from Bariloche that is dedicated to tourist services and took the contingent to spend the day at San martin de los andes. The trip included passing through the Seven Lakes.

The blue Scania truck is from a firm in Villa La Angostura that sells aggregates. At the time of impact, she had no material in her pan.

When the local Volunteer Firefighters arrived at the scene, the six people were dead and 6 passengers were referred to the Villa La Angostura hospital and another 3, the most serious, to the Bariloche hospital.

The work on the vehicles continues in the midst of rain and snow. Volunteer Firefighters from Villa La Angostura, Gendarmerie and Police work. Criminalistics personnel from Neuquén travel to the scene.

Three dead in a head-on collision on Route 40 near Villa La Angostura: Highways cut off traffic

Police personnel are still working at the scene of the incident. For this reason National Highways determined the closure of traffic on Route 40 at kilometer 2,073 between Bariloche and Villa la Angostura.

The section of the road is an overtaking sector and it has not yet been determined which of the vehicles crossed lanes, impacting the other. The truck is a national transport.

In green, the area of ​​the tragedy on Route 40.

Information in development.

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