Who are the victims of the fatal accident on Route 40, between Bariloche and Villa La Angostura

He Public Prosecutor’s Office of Neuquén reported, this Sunday afternoon, the identity of the victims of the fatal accident that occurred yesterday in the National Route 40, at kilometer 2080, between Bariloche and Villa La Angostura.

According to reports, the identities “were preserved by the Public Prosecutor’s Office until all families were informed of the fact”.

The victims are Paola Andrea Pereyra (Argentine, 46 years old), Ester Alicia Levy (Argentine, 73 years old), Ylenia del Carmen León Carillo (Spanish, 28 years old), Carlos Alberto Tijerina Ibarra (33 year old Mexican), Alezandra Martínez (30 year old Mexican) and Rufina Li Mei Chi (60 years old, from Hong Kong).

Likewise, they reported that the prosecutor in the case Adrián de Lillo requested a accidentological expertise to the Neuquén Police in order to have more details about the incident. “The objective is to have mechanical information on the vehicles involved, as well as the dynamics of the impact that involved them.“, they specified.

That report would be finalized at the end of next week and based on that result, The prosecutor will decide whether it is appropriate to advance the investigation with an eventual formulation of charges.

Fatal accident on Route 40, between Bariloche and Villa La Angostura: how the events occurred

The crash occurred on Saturday around 9:30 and involved a truck heading from Villa la Angostura towards Bariloche and a van heading in the opposite direction towards the Seven Lakes Route. In this last, 12 passengers were traveling, along with the driver.

As a result of the impact, six passengers of the van died and another six people remain hospitalized in medical centers in Bariloche and the region.

The truck driver did not suffer serious injuries. At first, the prosecutor ordered his provisional detentionbut on Saturday night, he ordered that he be released, informing him that he is under investigation and that he must remain in Villa la Angostura.

De Lillo ordered a breathalyzer test on the truck driver, which gave a negative result, and took samples for toxicological studies.

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