Magistrate Jesús Ociel Baena is found dead in his home Grupo Milenio

Magistrate Jesús Ociel Baena is found dead in his home Grupo Milenio
Magistrate Jesús Ociel Baena is found dead in his home Grupo Milenio

Jesús Ociel Baena Saucedo, the first non-binary electoral magistrate in Latin America, was found dead along with his partner in their home in the state of Aguascalientesentity where I worked in he State Electoral Court.

On October 1, 2022, Jesús Ociel Baena Saucedo swore in as the first non-binary electoral magistrate. Nhappened in Saltillo Coahuilabut decided to move to Aguascalientes, where he had been living for around 11 years.

He studied a degree in Law from the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the Autonomous University of Coahuilawhere he completed a master’s degree in Constitutional Law and Government Policy

His electoral career began in high school, as president of the student society, then at the university where he participated to be an electoral supervisor at the then Federal Electoral Institute (IFE). Later he was at the Electoral Institute of Coahuila as an electoral trainer.

In interview with MILLENNIUM granted in November 2022, he said that having held such a position meant a message, both for the sheterosexual society as for the community LGBTIQ+where he maintains that anyone can occupy “these transcendental positions.”

“Although homophobia has been shown in the public, social and school sectors, this is the message that is sent to these people. It is that they live their lives and let us live ours, that our identities, our orientations and our expressions gender does not harm anyone, we are not homosexualizing the population, we are simply living. We are exercising a fundamental right, which is the free development of personality. That is a fundamental right,” he commented.

When defending people from the LGBTIQ+ community, he recognized that they do not receive the same treatment, for example, at the polls when it comes to voting for a candidate in an election.


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