Dorian Daniel, partner of Judge Ociel Baena, tested positive for methamphetamines: Aguascalientes Prosecutor

Jesus Figueroa Ortegaattorney general of Aguascalientes, announced that the toxicological studies carried out on the body of Dorian Daniel Nievescouple of Magistrate Ociel Baenatested positive for methamphetamine use.

In interview with Crystal Mendivilon Imagen Televisión, the prosecutor responded to the above when asked if Baena Sauceda and his partner had consumed alcohol or some type of substance.

“It comes out positive for Dorian meththe magistrate’s partner,” said the prosecutor.

Dorian Daniel Nieves, partner of Judge Ociel Baena. Photo: FB Dorian Herrera

The official also reported that the images available at the crime scene indicate that the only two people who were on the property at the time of the events were the magistrate and his partner.

“We see through a video that they both arrive in a vehicle, enter the home they lived in and it wasn’t until the next morning… that the domestic worker became aware of this situation.”

Jesús Ociel Baena Subdivision, Punta de Cielo. / photo: Taken from the Punta de Cielo website.

He added that there is knowledge of the threats, warnings and offenses that Ociel Baena received through his social networks, which is why they are collecting said information to also follow an approved protocol, which he pointed out requires not ruling out any crime that may be possible. generates hatred.

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The prosecutor stated that among the evidence collected were footprints that correspond to Dorian Daniel, which were located on the stairs.

“These steps are ascending, that is, he already with blood on his feet goes up and then goes down. “We found a wrapper from one of the knives on the stairs.”

Dorian Daniel Nieves, partner of Judge Ociel Baena. Photo: Special

Finally, in relation to the leak of a photograph where the magistrate’s hand is seen in a pool of blood and holding a knife, Figueroa Ortega pointed out that it is a situation that must be investigated, although for the moment they are focused on the investigation. of deaths.

“It is known that state police and investigative police were at the scene, in addition to the experts who processed the scene. He was not given access to any media.

“Someone of these bad servants was the one who posted or transmitted this. Obviously it is a situation that will be investigated,” he said.

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On the morning of this Monday, November 13, the news was announced that Ociel Baena was found dead along with his romantic partner inside his home located in the residential subdivision. Heaven’s Pointin the western area of ​​the capital of Aguascalientes.

The Aguascalientes Prosecutor’s Office reported that the magistrate and his partner had injuries caused by knives, which could be the cause of their death.

He reported that they found traces of blood on the ground floor and on the upper floor of his home. “There are indications of injuries themselves that they have injured each other.”

Punta del Cielo, the exclusive subdivision where magistrate Jesús Ociel Baena lived. Photo: Special

This Tuesday, the state attorney general, Jesús Figueroa, reported that investigations show that apparently the magistrate’s partner, Dorian Daniel, had killed him with razor blades and then committed suicide.

“We found 20 wounds on the magistrate’s body, of those 20 wounds, 19 are superficial, with a sharp object that we detected as razor blades, which are instruments that have sharp edges on all four sides and are very fine in size,” the prosecutor detailed.

It was in the lower part where they found two knives, where there were also footprints in the blood. The couple’s body was barefoot.

One of the 20 knife wounds that the magistrate received was in the jugular, which would have caused his death. His partner (Dorian) had wounds on the fingers with which he held the murder weapons and one more on the front of his neck that he allegedly caused himself.

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