Swimming and Judo get medals for Aysén in the 2023 Araucanía Binational Games

At the opening of the binational competition, judoka Valentina Altamirano Lemus won the gold medal in the -48 kilo category, while Lucas Figueroa Gómez won bronze in the -55 k category.

In swimming, Agustina Reyes Navarrete won a silver medal in the 100 meters. combined and three bronze medals in 50 and 100 meters. butterfly and 100 backstroke, respectively.

The other gold was won by Noel Muñoz Guenel who won in the weight minus 81 to 90 kg. in the contest held in Bariloche.

The Seremi of Sports, María Eugenia Durán Jara, highlighted the efforts of the regional teams: “We are very proud of our young people because we know that they gave everything in the various competitions. As the Government of Chile, the Ministry of Sports and IND, we are committed to providing the best conditions for the participation of our representatives in events such as the School Sports Games and the Araucanía Games, which is why we were together with IND monitoring both the technical aspects 24/7. such as transfer logistics, passage through customs, accommodation and food for our delegations, managing solutions for any requirement and imponderables that usually happen in this type of activities and that in fact happened with great deployment of the IND team. On the other hand, it seems very relevant to me to mention that we understand that the great challenge to be achieved is to strengthen the process of selection and preparation of athletes that until now falls solely on the sports associations and clubs, with a view to the following Binational Games of Araucanía. “It will be carried out mainly in the Aysén region with the support of subse Punta Arenas.”

Likewise, the multi-medallist, Agustina Reyes Navarrete, said “In these Games I obtained 4 medals, this is my last Araucanía, it was a long journey with a lot of effort but I am happy and very proud of the achievements.”

For his part, judoka Niel Muñoz Guenel stated “I felt very good on the tatami, thanks to everyone for their hard work, I am very happy to have been champion again in the Araucanía games, I dedicate this triumph to the region.” “, to my colleagues, to my Sensei, to my family and to everyone who has supported me.”

Sports Projection

Chile Compite supports competitive sports from an early age, with a view to the early detection of new talents, the Binational Games are part of this systematic effort to promote competition in our athletes with a view to the future and in this sense we want to highlight the performance of Victoria Quintana Rojel in the women’s 400 meter hurdles obtained tenth position with 01:18.69. As for women’s basketball, the best performance was achieved in group C by beating the representative of Tierra del Fuego 51 to 47, while in the men’s game the best match was against Ñuble where the representative of Aysén won 52/49

In women’s cycling, the best position was for Maite Mardones Epullanca who in the 8 km individual time trial test finished in 32nd position out of 58 participants, while in the 40Km road test she obtained 38th position with a time of 01:42 :46.00 and in the 30 km urban circuit he placed 29th with a time of 02:40:18.00.

In men’s cycling, in the 20 km team time trial test. Aysén was in position No. 7, while in the 100 km individual platoon stage. Renato Pavéz Moya obtained position No. 33 out of 64 competitors. In 15 km individual time trial. Pavéz obtained 18th place.

Finally, on the 60 km urban circuit. Aysén obtained the 11th position and the best individual place went to Renato Pavéz Moya who achieved the fifteenth position.

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