Colonel who was kidnapped by FARC for 10 years will be general: “I never thought of leaving the Police”

Colonel who was kidnapped by FARC for 10 years will be general: “I never thought of leaving the Police”
Colonel who was kidnapped by FARC for 10 years will be general: “I never thought of leaving the Police”

The colonel Vianney Javier Rodríguez Porrascurrent commander of the Popayán Metropolitan Policewho was kidnapped by the FARC for ten years, was selected to carry out the Strategic Security Course (Cesep) with a view to promotion to the rank of brigadier general. Rodríguez, who was deprived of his freedom by the extinct guerrilla on November 1, 1998 in Mitú, Vaupés, when he held the rank of lieutenant, expressed in Blu mornings, with Néstor Morales, his surprise and gratitude for the opportunity to take the course that will allow him to ascend to the maximum level in the police hierarchy.

I never thought I would leave Police. It is always a vocation. You enter the institution and it is an institution of a lifetime. My desire was always to continue and be able to get to where I am today, because the command gave me the opportunity. That is the dream of every officer, and I managed to reach this important moment in my career,“said the colonel.

The selection process for the Strategic Security Course, which seeks to fill the absence of generals in the Police, He summoned ten colonels of the thirty-two who presented themselves as candidates. In this context, Rodríguez He is the only officer who lived through the dramatic episode of the kidnapping by the FARC.and will be the first to ascend to the highest rank of the Police among his fellow prisoners.

Regarding the title of general, Rodríguez explained that the process is just beginning and thanked the general body and the director of the Police for their trust. Next year the course will begin, with the goal of completing it during the year to be promoted to the rank of brigadier general in December.

“It is a process that has only just begun, yesterday.. Thank God, the decision of the General Body and the trust of the director. Well, we are starting a course next year to finish it so far this year.. And in December of next year, I will be able to advance to the rank of brigadier general,” the officer explained.

When addressing the issue of his kidnapping, Rodríguez shared that, after being released in Operation Jaque, he was able to continue with his life thanks to the support of the institution. He studied, was in the United States for three years and held various positions in different directions, including anti-narcotics, a school in Bogotá, another in Villavicencio, and the Meta Operational Command, among others.

“After that, fortunately, the command, the institution welcomed me, I had the opportunity to study. Andstuve in USA.

I spent about three years doing some studies. After that, I began to hold some positions in different directions“, shared the colonel.

Rodríguez also highlighted that, despite the difficult situation he experienced, he never considered leaving the Police. “It is always a vocation. One enters the institution and it is a lifelong institution“he emphasized.

Regarding the current situation of the Police, Rodríguez mentioned that he is aware of the shortage of generals, pero avoided making comments that could affect the promotion course, pointing out that these issues are not his responsibility.

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