“Amazonian Roots: Embrace the Local”, a new campaign for products from the Amazon

The Corporation for the Sustainable Development of the Northern and Eastern Amazon – CDA, launches the campaign “Amazonian Roots: Embrace the Local”, an initiative that aims to promote, in a comprehensive manner, the consumption of local products offered by the Green Businesses of the departments of Guainía, Guaviare and Vaupés.

As a result of this strategy, it is expected to provide an authentic link between the community and Green Businesses, where Amazonian roots are recognized and valued, local entrepreneurs are supported with the consumption of the native products they offer, and a contribution is made to the preservation of the culture and natural environment of the Amazon.

In addition to focusing on appropriation and value for territory, the campaign encompasses other approaches that complement its purpose. One of them is materialized through the Green Business Roundtable, where the regional institutions support and support green entrepreneurs in the departments of Guainía, Guaviare and Vaupés. This support is achieved through contributions of resources, strategic support and promotion of its work, contributing to the establishment of the valuable cultural and natural heritage of the northern and eastern Amazon.

Secondly, the formation and training of Green Businesses acquires fundamental importance. This allows green entrepreneurs to continue with qualification and learning processes, improving their skills in areas such as marketing, business operation, sustainability and good environmental practices, among other key aspects.

Thus, “Amazonian Roots: Embrace the Local” is a commitment by the CDA Corporation, to which different territorial institutions have joined, to support Green Businesses that, through nature tourism, the transformation of fruits from the Amazon forest and the manufacture of crafts, contribute to economic development and sustainable of the region.

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