21 ANT officials will be investigated by the Attorney General’s Office after possible irregularities in contracts

Due to alleged irregularities in the signing of a contract signed by the National Land Agency, ANT, with RTVC Public Media System, the Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation into 21 officials and contractors.

The contracts would have been made with RTVC. | Photo: RTVC

As explained in the press release issued this Tuesday, November 21, by the Attorney General’s Office, an investigation is underway “If the document was signed under the internal statutes of RTVC, then the experience attributed to it does not correspond to its corporate purpose, which is limited to the function of programming, producing and broadcasting the public television channels Signal Colombia and Canal Institucional. , as well as the national stations Radio Nacional de Colombia and Radionica, among others.”

Thus, the ANT officials against whom the investigation was initiated are the following: the general secretary, Daniel Medina González, as well as Nury Luz Peralta, Julio César Cuastumal Madrid, Tony Luis Lozano Berrocal, Ana María Cadavid Escudero, Juan Camilo Cabezas, Juan Diego Gómez Vásquez, Claudia Patricia Herrera Logreira, Laura Andrea Botero Salazar, Gabriela Góngora Bermúdez and Andrés Felipe Alcalá Rodríguez.

As for the contractors of the same entity who would also be involved in the case, they are: Bibiana Marcela Linero Guiza, Melissa Paola Palmera Castilla, Esteban Castaño Jaramillo, Cristina Elizabeth Gelpud Bravo, Jeanneth Andrea Soto Pacheco, Ángela Tatiana Coy Cruz, Laura Cárcamo Cárcamo, Jairo Salamanca Grajales and Derly Dayanna Espinel, and the deputy manager of Corporate Support of RTVC, Jorge Luis Arzuaga Cadena, who, according to the Attorney General’s Office, intervened in some of the contract structuring phases.

According to the Public Ministry, the principles of economy, objective selection and transparency could have been violated, since “the most appropriate bidder would not have been chosen from the technical, financial and operational fields, and apparently a selection procedure was applied that did not “corresponded to the nature of the object to be contracted.”

Finally, the statement highlighted that with the opening of this investigation, the control body would seek “verify the occurrence of the conduct, determine if it constitutes a disciplinary offense or if action has been taken under the protection of a cause for exclusion of responsibility.”

Contract investigation in Medellín

However, this would not be the only case that has been presented so far this month, regarding irregularities in contracts, since last Tuesday, November 14, the Attorney General’s Office opened two investigations against officials and former employees of the Communications Secretariat of the Mayor’s Office. of Medellín, for similar cases.

These two investigations were opened against officials and former employees of the Communications Secretariat of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín. | Photo: DIEGO ANDRES ZULUAGA

In the first case, which is related to the document signed with the educational center, the attorney general’s office began an investigation against the current head of that Secretariat, Mónica María Orrego López, as well as against the former head of that department, Juan José Aux Trujillo, and the university professional, Juan Carlos Gómez Henao.

Therefore, andThe control body investigates whether the contract signed for a little more than nine billion pesos by the administration of former mayor Daniel Quintero was used to favor particular interests, specifically in the campaigns of some candidates who aspired to be mayor and council of the capital of Antioquia during the regional elections on October 29.

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The contract with the National University of Medellín would have been used to benefit candidates for mayor and council of Medellín. | Photo: Courtesy Facebook Medellín UNAL headquarters

In the second case, the Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation against the former Secretaries of Communications, Juan José Aux Trujillo and Clara Inés Izquierdo, the latter as the person in charge, and against the university professionals Juan Carlos Gómez Henao and Víctor Manuel Quiroz, for alleged irregularities. in the contracting process with Telemedellín, for a value of more than $18 billion ($12,496,159,017 initially and an addition of $6,248,079,508), for advertising guidelines and the development of a results communication strategy for the Quintero administration.

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