This is how the process that will arrive in Bogotá goes

This is how the process that will arrive in Bogotá goes
This is how the process that will arrive in Bogotá goes

The Attorney General’s Office ordered the transfer of the process that was being carried out in Valledupar against Cielo Gnecco, the so-called political boss of the department of Cesar, to Bogotá.

The decision was made by the prosecuting body after the scandal a few days ago, in which a Valledupar prosecutor revoked the security measure against Gnecco despite being investigated for kidnapping and homicide, crimes that were considered crimes against humanity.

The case was in the fifth specialized Prosecutor’s Office of Valledupar and will now be in the hands of a specialized prosecutor from Bogotá, who will be in charge of defining the Prosecutor’s Office’s appeal against the revocation of the intramural security measure against Gnecco.

The prosecutor delegated in Bogotá will also be the one who decides whether to call former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso to testify, to appear as a witness in this case, because after the irregularities, the prosecuting body prioritized the process.

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Due to these events, the Prosecutor’s Office also announced that the judicial official who revoked Gnecco’s arrest warrant will be criminally investigated by the Specialized Directorate against Corruption and by the National Commission for Judicial Discipline.


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