Coffee development program advances in Second Front

Coffee development program advances in Second Front
Coffee development program advances in Second Front

According to Enio Cuba, main specialist at the Sierra Cristal Agroforestry Company, with the initial preparation of the project in 2010, the entity harvested around 400 tons, and today they collect close to 800, a figure that does not yet reflect the expected increase.

The strategy does show potential in the places where it is applied, despite the limitation of resources, inclement weather and other factors, hence the relevance of updating it to the current conditions of that mountainous territory and the country, he told the Cuban News Agency. .

He pointed out the application of science and technology, through a group of technologies approved for coffee cultivation and in coordination with the Agroforestry Experimental Station of the municipality of Tercer Frente, the Coffee Research Station, located in Jibacoa, and the Institute of Agroforestry Research of Cuba.

Likewise, they work with 14 varieties, some improved and others new, they venture into grafting and the method of reproduction by cuttings, and, in addition, they experiment with six clones and Vietnamese models, such as planting seedlings in large holes and fertilization by trench, which increase production efficiency, he said.

He commented on the use of irrigation systems on 10 hectares (ha), although it is planned to grow to 100 with this technology.

Alberto Castillo, head of the Coffee Processing Base Business Unit, stressed that in order to substitute imports and not stop the pulping process, the center’s innovators have replaced bearings and bushings, and conditioned a classifying hopper for the aromatic grain, to optimize work and reduce the use of bags.

He stated that part of the actions carried out are with the resources of that mountainous area and the support of the company, accompanied by the municipal authorities.

The update of the national coffee development program plans to obtain figures greater than 26 thousand tons of coffee for the coming years, and also promote the quality of life of rural families.

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