Plaques under construction with the name of the mayor of Manizales generate controversy

Plaques under construction with the name of the mayor of Manizales generate controversy
Plaques under construction with the name of the mayor of Manizales generate controversy


There is nonconformity in Manizales because through a contract close to the $500 million pesos, Billboards about the management of the municipal administration are being installed in different parts of the city, as are flyers and even installing plaques to publicize the works they carried out during the 4 years.

Through several contracts that came from the areas of different secretariats of the Mayor’s Office of Manizales in what they call a common pool of resources, the execution of more than 20 billboards To publicize the works that are being carried out and initiated by the municipal administration, this contract would have an amount close to $500 million pesos and consists of printing this advertising material that is already evident in several of the works that are in progress with comparisons of before and now, a specific case of the one found in the highway interchange of Los Cámbulos, a work that is being carried out with national resources through INVÍAS and for which the Mayor’s Office managed the property part of the project.

But what has drawn the most attention is the installation of several plaques in the name of Mayor Carlos Mario Marín Correa, sports venues such as the Velodrome of the University of Caldaswhich was carried out with resources from several entities including the Government, the University and Susuerte, as in the Faneón park and others.

In this regard, the former opposition councilor and citizen Cristian Perez He referred to it.

“The fixing of plaques by the mayor of Manizales in different scenarios and works that have had monumental delays and over costs that we have denounced in different political and citizen scenarios, not only violates a national decree that prohibits carrying out this type of demonstrations but that additionally do not correspond with common sense and analogy, it is absurd that in an administration where the works are characterized by their permanent delays due to their cost overruns or by the absurdity and national ridicule that we are experiencing with the non-timely delivery of the scenarios of National Games, the mayor of the city in a desperate attempt to raise its decaying image, tries to fix this type of plaques supposedly to show the results of his management, Mayor Carlos Mario ultimately did not learn during these four years of government that he definitely He had to plan the works in advance and execute them so that you do not have to resort to this type of artifice that goes against the norm. This situation is unfortunate. The mayor of the city must remove these plaques as soon as possible or else the Attorney General’s Office “You must investigate,” said the former councilor.

Among the complaints received There is also talk of the little attention paid to the spending austerity law that was not taken into account to pay for the full-color printing of flyers. that are reaching every home and for which Several people were hired with salaries close to 3 million pesos to do pedagogy door to door about the works and actions of this administration.

We are attentive to the response of the Municipal Administration regarding these concerns that the listeners send us, in this regard and while we wait for an official spokesperson from the Mayor’s Office, the press officer of this entity informs us that “the plates are not being paid for with resources of the Mayor’s Office.

In the works carried out or remodeled in the current administration, plaques with the following information have been observed “Mayor Manizales, Carlos Mario Marín, gives to the community” and they put the name of the delivered scenario. Given this, we consulted about the legality of this action and the lawyer Alejandro Franco“establishes the regulations and specifically the decree 2759 of 97 which is a norm that is still in force and that regulates and modifies previous decrees in relation to the possibility of having these commemorative elements, the name of living people, yes, this obviously also has to be analyzed in light of a collective right that is the right to administrative morality and in fact the decree in principle allows the mention of people in commemorative elements or recognitions but with two exceptions and with two rules that must be complied with one that the installation of the commemorative element where mention is made of the living person arises from a request of the community, then it must be effectively proven that the community can be a beneficiary community of the project or a community action board or a collective as such has expressly requested the administration and whoever it corresponds, so that a mention be made on that plaque or on that commemorative element of a person or a living citizen and the second requirement established by the rule is that the person to be exalted in that commemorative element to be exalted, that is, to be mentioned, has provided services to the nation that merit that designation or that merit that That identification in the commemorative element, even this has had a jurisprudential development through the evolution of a concept that is that of administrative morality since the goods for public use obviously people or citizens can enjoy them without any hindrance, not only visual. but also, without mention being made of the people or officials who contribute to its realization, since in no case are they making particular contributions, but rather it obviously corresponded to the execution of public spending to the execution of a program of a project. of the Development Plan”.

The expert in administrative law explained that the administration and the mayor They are violating decree 2757 of 1997 where it is clear is to prohibit the following:

“The placement of plaques or legends on monuments intended to commemorate the participation of current officials in the construction of public works is prohibited, unless so provided by a law of Congress.”

The jurist asks the control entities to carry out investigations and subsequent dismantling of said plates that violate the constitutional principle of public morality.

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