Election results in Pilagas, Formosa: Milei president | Massa vs Milei ballot in Pilagas, Formosa

Election results in Pilagas, Formosa: Milei president | Massa vs Milei ballot in Pilagas, Formosa
Election results in Pilagas, Formosa: Milei president | Massa vs Milei ballot in Pilagas, Formosa
The results of the count in the scrutiny of Pilagas, Formosa

National Total

Javier Mileifrom La Libertad Avanza, won therunoff of the 2023 Electionsand will be the president of Argentina as of December 10. Defeated by more than 10 pointsSergio Massafrom Union for the Homeland.

Results map

President Milei: how much he won and the results map of the 2023 Elections, province by province

At what time will the first results be known?

The results of the provisional ballot count will be known starting at 9 p.m.

“From the National Electoral Directorate (DINE) we support the same approach of the Electoral Justice in regulatory terms, consisting of that results cannot be published before 9 p.m. Now, in that sense, and as in the general elections, We estimate that at that time we will be able to publish a consolidated and representative result of the electoral contest,” anticipated the head of that organization, Marcos Schiavi.

As established by electoral legislation, results can only begin to be reported three hours after the election closes.

Where the presidential candidates await the results of the elections

Leaders and militants from the Unión por la Patria list will meet at the cultural space C Complejo Art Media, located at 6,271 Corrientes Avenue, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita. This venue, which has 6,000 square meters and capacity for 4,500 people, is the same one that hosted the coalition in the open, simultaneous and mandatory primary elections (PASO).

Regarding the location chosen by La Libertad Avanza (LLA) for the deputy Javier Milei and the representatives of his space to receive the results of the general election, the party also repeats the site of the PASO: the Hotel Libertador, located in the 690 Córdoba Avenue in the city of Buenos Aires.

What time are the results of the 2023 runoff published?

The first results of the 2023 presidential runoff are known at 9 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, three hours after the close of the elections. The results reported by each table president to the Ministry of the Interior by telegram are taken as a basis.

The scrutiny telegram is prepared by the table president, it contains all the details of the votes counted at that table and bears the signature of the prosecutors of the participating groups.

The count that is done as soon as the tables close has no legal validity nor is it used to proclaim the elected representatives, but it allows us to know the voting trend a few hours after the closing of the elections and provide information to the citizens. This task is carried out by the National Electoral Directorate (DNE).

Meanwhile, the final vote does have legal validity and establishes who are the candidates elected to the positions in dispute. It is the one who does the National Electoral Justice.

It begins 48 hours after the end of the elections, is carried out based on the Voting Reports of each table, and is what produces the results of the election from which the positions at stake are distributed. Likewise, unlike the provisional one, the definitive one covers all the tables enabled for the election.

Ballot box mouth

The “exit poll” is a type of survey conducted by political consulting companies on election day, aimed at voters who have just voted. It is important to highlight that the information obtained through this mechanism cannot be disclosed in any media before 9 p.m., as this would constitute a violation of national legislation.

In Argentina, article 71 of the National Electoral Code prohibits the carrying out of “acts of public proselytism” and the “publication or dissemination of surveys and projections about the electoral results during the course of the election day and up to three hours after its close. “. Only at 9 p.m. on the same Sunday is the legal dissemination of this data allowed.

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