Those elected from Uñac for the Court of Accounts of San Juan

Those elected from Uñac for the Court of Accounts of San Juan
Those elected from Uñac for the Court of Accounts of San Juan

After the resignation of the president of the Court of Accounts, Isaac Abecasis, added to the retirement of the vice president Graciela Chávez and the permanent member Aldo Molina, the doubt remained as to who would be the replacements and when they would present themselves taking into account that on December 10 the current management leaves the government. These concerns were resolved this Tuesday in the Legislature since the Executive entered the names of Pablo García Nieto, Elio Frack and Juan Flores as those who will fill the vacancies in the permanent positions. Thursday will be about tables.

Governor Sergio Uñac decided to use the power given to him by the law regarding the controlling body and decided to nominate Pablo García Nieto to occupy the presidency, Elio Frack as vice president and Juan Flores as permanent member.

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García Nieto is the current Ombudsman and he even has one more year left in this position. He is also a deputy elected by Rawson, but he will leave both places to take over the presidency of the Court of Accounts. In other words, the ombudsman’s office and the seat that he obtained in the local elections will remain vacant.

By nominating Elio Frack as vice president of the supervisory body, an agreement is visible in which the Giojismo was respected to hold that position. Frack is a leader who does not hide his closeness to Rawson’s giojism and even demonstrated it in his management as a councilor that he will leave at the end of the year.

Finally, Juan Flores will leave the general secretary of the Interior, a position he has held since Sergio Uñac took office in 2015, and will take over as a permanent member of the Court of Accounts. In this way, a Uñaquista bishop will be part of the controlling body of the provincial and municipal accounts of the administrations that are ending.

This Thursday the appointments will be discussed on tables, an issue that the regulation of the controlling body allows to be carried out in this way.


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