Elena Poniatowska will visit SLP this week

The Mexican author, to whom the new edition of the International Literature Festival in San Luis is dedicated, will be named Distinguished Guest of the city

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On Monday, November 20, Mayor Enrique Galindo Ceballos inaugurated the XVI edition of the International Literature Festival in San Luis at the Municipal Palace of San Luis Potosíthat this year is dedicated to Elena Poniatowska, which takes place from now until November 24 in the Capital of Potosí. The municipal president invited citizens to enjoy this Festival: “The most important literature is gathered in San Luis Capital.”

The head of the Capital government announced that Elena Poniatowska will be in the activities of the International Literature Festival in San Luis in the coming days, Besides that She will receive the keys to the city and will be named the city’s Distinguished Guest.

Enrique Galindo said that with this International Literature Festival in San Luis, the city found a space to project itself to the world, based on high culture. On this occasion It has more than 19 writers, representatives from seven countries.

The International Literature Festival in San Luis began with the public reading by each of the gathered authors of an excerpt from their work to the enjoyment of those present in the Municipal Palacein the Plaza de Armas of San Luis Capital and for the whole world through the official social networks of the San Luis Potosí City Council.


In this edition 19 writers with great experience and winners of international, national and local awards participate, such as: Andrés Sánchez Robayna and Luis García Montero, from Spain; Ann Cotten, from Austria; Diana Belessi from Argentina, Serge Pey and Jean Portante, from France; Elsa Cross, Héctor de Mauleón, Hernán Lara Zavala, Malva Flores, Rafael Pérez Gay and Mario Bojórquez, from Mexico; Mizuki Mizumi and Taiga Kobayashi, from Japan; Sergio Ramírez, from Nicaragua; as well as the authors from San Luis Potosí, the excellent writers Laura Elena González, Didier Armas and Joel Alba.

The director of Municipal Culture, Daniel García Álvarez de la Llera, pointed out that with this event, San Luis Potosí becomes the epicenter of world literature, bringing together top-level writers. For her part, the actress Angélica Aragón, who is in charge of the simultaneous readings in Spanish of the works in foreign languages, was grateful that San Luis Capital has a significant interest in culture and fine arts.

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