Famisanar auditor assisted members in Bucaramanga

Famisanar auditor assisted members in Bucaramanga
Famisanar auditor assisted members in Bucaramanga


Sandra Jaramillo, intervening agent of the EPS Famisanar, was in Bucaramanga assisting members who face barriers to care; She also met with delegates from the provider network to tell them that the commitments made will be honored. Incidentally, the executive who started work two months ago, announced the creation of a company office in Floridablanca. The company has 135 thousand members in Santander.

“It was about solving problems detected by the Health Superintendence and correcting financial aspects. We wanted to listen to users; knowing where the weaknesses are,” she stated in an interview with Caracol Radio journalists. “We strengthen the alliance with the providers because through them we materialize the provision of services with a clear message of continuity, of transparency in communications with them,” she said.

On the second day of work, Mrs. Jaramillo met with the user associations. “We solved the cases we presented. From the first moment we are dedicated to guaranteeing the provision of the service, strengthening ties with the provider network; on focusing on resolving complaints and requests,” she highlighted.

After the declaration of the intervention, “we have noticed a typical behavior of the disaffiliation processes because people do not have jobs, but there has not been a massive withdrawal which allows us to continue with this process,” he declared. The intervening agent promised to open an office in Floridablanca next January.

Regarding the delivery of medicines by the dispensary, he said that in each city they have a pharmaceutical manager. “For some high-cost, specialized drugs and orphan diseases, we also have a nationwide network that supplies these drugs to users.” Faced with the debts that he has been accumulating, he said that “they will be resolved through an institutional reorganization plan that seeks the contribution of capital resources by shareholders.”


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