‘Motothieves’ robbed a couple outside their home in Ciudad Bolívar

‘Motothieves’ robbed a couple outside their home in Ciudad Bolívar
‘Motothieves’ robbed a couple outside their home in Ciudad Bolívar

In a new incident that has left the community on alert, a married couple was the victim of a violent robbery perpetrated by criminals on motorcycles in the Juan José Rondón neighborhood of the town of Ciudad Bolívar. The unfortunate event took place while the couple was heading to their workplace.

In the images captured by a security camera, the couple is seen walking towards a Sitp location. Suddenly, three individuals on two motorcycles surround them, observe, and when they reach a corner of the neighborhood, they hide and then approach the couple.

Those affected report that, upon seeing themselves surrounded, they tried to flee, but the assailants managed to snatch their cell phones valued at more than 2 million pesos, as well as cash and other valuable objects.

The victim, visibly shocked, assures that it is not an isolated case. Other residents of the sector have suffered similar robberies at the hands of the same criminals on motorcycles. Additionally, she reports a worrying incident of harassment and touching of a woman near the scene of the theft.

The feeling of insecurity has grown in the community, with residents expressing fear when leaving their homes. The lack of police patrols in the blocks of the Juan José Rondón neighborhood aggravates the situation, according to the complaint of those affected.

Given this situation, the affected couple urgently calls on local authorities to review the case and reinforce security in the area. It is hoped that the investigations will lead to the capture of those responsible, thus providing respite to a community clamoring to live free from fear.

David Cardozo | CityTv



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