Pitched battle at graduate party in Junn

Pitched battle at graduate party in Junn
Pitched battle at graduate party in Junn

A graduate party which was celebrated in Junn It ended in the worst way. Presumably by excess alcoholwhat should have been an unforgettable night for the better, ended with two adults and two minors arrestedand with a pair of injured uniformed men.

The sad chapter of violence was experienced in the district of The colony, meters from the Da Vinci room, during the early hours of this Tuesday. Near the 4 in the morninga call to 911 alerted about a estuary at the exit of a graduate party that was celebrated by the students of the “Comercial” school, on Isidoro Bousquets Street, according to what was published by the Mega Noticias Mendoza portal.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police officers found a pitched battle that did not distinguish between sex or age, with teenagers totally alcoholic and others wounded. The reaction of the young people uncontrolled Seeing the uniformed men was not the best: instead of calming down, they began to attack the authorities with blows and stones.

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The situation escalated and only calmed down when reinforcements arrived, dispersing the angry mob. shooting rubber bullets into the airwith the regulatory itacas.

As a result of the brawl, two minors and two adults were arrested, while a man and two police officers were treated for serious injuries, since one of the officers suffered a serious injury. serious sprain. In addition, a police vehicle was vandalized and culminated in the broken windshield.

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