In debate | What should Sonora’s 2024 budget prioritize? – The Sun of Hermosillo

In debate | What should Sonora’s 2024 budget prioritize? – The Sun of Hermosillo
In debate | What should Sonora’s 2024 budget prioritize? – The Sun of Hermosillo

Marco Paz Pellat

Spokesperson for the Citizen Public Safety Committees of Sonora and Hermosillo

“According to different public opinion studies, the priorities of Sonorans are security and justice, the family economy and employment, and health. Investment in infrastructure also needs to be increased. The budget should focus there. To achieve this, there should be a fundamental rethinking of the budget to prevent it from continuing to be inertial. We need to give public finances a shake-up, eliminating unproductive expenses and supporting the municipalities more. And demanding that the municipalities collect the property tax better. and the different rights to improve their collection.”

Juventino Felix

President of Canaco Servytur Hermosillo

“In my opinion, the State budget for 2024 should be directed to needs that improve the competitiveness of the state to accelerate economic growth. Security is an essential part, a greater number of police officers in Public Security, better equipped in order to improve the perception of feeling safe among residents, visitors and investors in the state.

Infrastructure, the projects already announced must be carried out as soon as possible to support the economic growth of the State.

Public transportation in the most important cities of the State must be attended to, since it is of utmost importance for the mobility of the inhabitants.

Continue improving the rate of families in poverty in the State.”

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Nicolas Pineda

Political analyst and researcher

“I consider that the budget should have the priorities of the main problems of the State of Sonora, which are security, water and drought in the state, employment and economic development. It would be necessary to see in the budget of the State Government for the year 2024, how much They are assigned to security issues. I believe that, to improve security, the one who should lead the way is the State Government, the local Government, and that it should do so in conjunction with civil society or citizens. “The second priority would be the prevention and mitigation of drought, as well as improving water management in the state of Sonora. The third priority is investment spending, economic promotion, and the economic development of the State of Sonora.”

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Miguel Angel Fonseca

Working Animal Community (COAT)

“In education, in educational programs, but I have also always been in favor of the fact that tourism should be developed in Sonora, we have places that can be used to be more developed tourist destinations. We have Puerto Peñasco, we have San Carlos, we have Kino; we are a rich State on beaches and it has always caught my attention that there is not more development in that sense, in investment for tourist development because that attracts more people and more investment. Urbanization, sidewalks, road culture, urban infrastructure, well-developed roads, that is what “What you see when you go to cities like Monterrey, Mexico City, that the traffic flows, and here it rains, immediately there are potholes. Very quickly you feel the lag in urban development in Hermosillo.”

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