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Neighbor kills alleged thug during assault in Piura | EDITION

Neighbor kills alleged thug during assault in Piura | EDITION
Neighbor kills alleged thug during assault in Piura | EDITION

An alleged criminal was killed by his victim when he tried to assault him with his accomplice in the Santa María del Pinar urbanizationin Piura.

The bloody event occurred at 10:30 pm last Sunday at the intersection of Las Magnolias and Las Diamelas streets in the Urb. Santa María del Pinar.

According to the first police investigations, Edder Aaron Maceda Farfán (23), aboard a motorcycle with his accomplice, intercepted the engineer DZN who was with his wife and two daughters in his truck with license plate P4S-785, apparently with a large amount of money.

The thugs shot at them, the attack being repelled by the engineer, who used his gun, resulting in a crossfire between the two.

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As a result of the infernal shooting, the engineer was injured and was evacuated to the Miraflores clinic, where the doctor diagnosed him with “trauma to the upper extremities due to a gunshot wound, without fractures, and without compromising vital organs.”

Meanwhile, the alleged thug was taken to the José Cayetano Heredia regional hospital where the doctor diagnosed “severe cranial brain trauma caused by a firearm projectile and brain death.” He subsequently passed away.

At the scene of the events, the police found on the ground a pistol, Tanfoglio brand, model FT9F, black, caliber 380 ACP, with a magazine stocked with 3 ammunition, unfired, which upon being verified in the Sucamec registry , showed that said firearms are owned by the PNP third-class non-commissioned officer, Gary Nelson CardozaFernández, who currently works at the Manchay police station in Lima. It is in activity.

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