In a mega operation carried out in Lima and Callao, they dismantled a dangerous gang dedicated to land trafficking

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The mega-operation was carried out in several districts of Lima, as well as in Ventanilla. | Source: Diffusion

Agents of the National Police and representatives of Public ministry dismantled the dangerous gang ‘Nuevos Sanguinarios’, in a mega-operation carried out in Santa Rosa, Ancon, Stone bridgenorth of Lima, as well as in the Chalaco district of Window.

This criminal organization, which was mainly dedicated to land trafficking in the aforementioned jurisdictions, was led by Martin Rojas Leguaa subject who served a prison sentence for terrorism between 1987 and 2012.

In dialogue with RPP, Jorge Chavez Cotrinanational coordinator of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Offices against Organized Crime, explained the modus operandi of this gang.

“According to the evidence collected by the National Police Together with our Ventanilla organized crime prosecutor, Dr. Edwin Velásquez, the modus operandi of the criminal organization was, first of all, to sectorize the area into 19 sectors; and, then, they sold the land to people, who bought it in good faith for approximately 15 thousand soles per land,” he commented.

“Then, this criminal organization registered that same land in the name of another person. And if this person, the first one she had bought, wanted to recover his land, she had to pay approximately 10 thousand soles again. “We are talking about more or less 35 properties per sector,” he added.

Led from prison

Prosecutor Chávez Cotrina explained that the band ‘Nuevos Sanguinarios’ It had operated since 2020 and was led by Rojas Legua from his cell in the Castro Castro prison. And, according to the magistrate, this former terrorist was detained again, after being arrested for leading a criminal organization.

The criminal organization was not only dedicated to land trafficbut also to the extortion and to drug traffic. “They controlled everything that involved retail drug trafficking, such as marijuana and (cocaine) hydrochloride,” the prosecutor explained.

At the closing of this note, the police and prosecutors had managed to capture 13 of the 19 alleged members of the criminal organization, among whom is the PNP non-commissioned officer Apolinario Rondónfrom the Santa Rosa PNP Police Station.

In addition, the raid on the former mayor of Santa Rosa has been carried out Carlos Arce Ariasalthough – detailed prosecutor Chávez Cotrina – there is no arrest warrant against the former mayor.

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