STSGE and governor sign agreements for the payment of debts, both benefits and contributions to IPECOL

STSGE and governor sign agreements for the payment of debts, both benefits and contributions to IPECOL
STSGE and governor sign agreements for the payment of debts, both benefits and contributions to IPECOL

*The union leader reiterates “Not One Step Back, We Are Still Fighting.” * “We helped him in the task that corresponded to the director of IPECOL, Hugo Vázquez,” he stressed. * We will remain firm and ensure that these agreements are fulfilled, he emphasized.


Colima, Col.- Martín Flores Castañeda, general secretary of the State Government Workers Union (STSGE), announced that this November 20, agreements and a minute were signed with the state government headed by Governor Indira Vizcaíno Silva, regarding the payment of debts in benefits, as well as contributions to the Pension Institute of Public Servants of the state of Colima (IPECOL).

Through a message through social networks, the union leader, in addition to highlighting the importance of these agreements, thanked the state bureaucrats for their trust, but above all for continuing with this fight for the benefit of all.

“The objective of this fight that is being carried out is for the state government to cover the benefits that are owed to us from the period of non-payment of the Nacho Peralta administration, and also for the state government to recognize the debt. that it has with IPECOL and establishes a payment distribution agreement to make the present and future of all retirements and pensions viable,” he stated.

That is why, derived from various meetings, it is announced that “today we have concluded with point number of the strategy, where the dialogue and the construction of agreements has been fruitful.”

Today, he said, three agreements and a minute signed by the governor of the state, Indira Vizcaíno Silva, the head of the Secretariat of Planning, Administration and Finance, Fabiola Verduzco Aparicio and by a servant in his capacity as general secretary of the union begin.

He indicated that the first agreement establishes the state government’s commitment to pay all benefits owed for the year 2021 and also establishes the scheduling of said payments, starting with the bureaucrat’s bonus in the first half of March 2024. ; the secretary’s bonus in the first half of April, in the same way punctuality and efficiency in the months of May and June, also the help for school expenses on April 15; the family spending leveling bonus on May 15, also punctuality and efficiency in the month of August, and no later than the second half of May, the retirement funds of retirees and the seniority incentives of this administration will be completed and also those owed to them from the previous administration.

Furthermore, he pointed out, in a second agreement the state government, through the governor, recognizes that transitory article 13 of the Pension Law of State Public Servants records the debt, which the government recognizes as 714 million pesos and that the amount will be analyzed to resume the agreement that was had with the previous administration and that did not pay and that this government will begin to pay it in the last third of the year 2024, to pay it equal to 20 years, but also, sending it for approval to the State Congress so that it is registered as a public debt of the government and the participations are affected directly in the subsequent months and with that “the recovery of the entire debt plus the update values ​​is guaranteed.”

“This agreement will have to be done in IPECOL headed by Hugo Vázquez Montes, who we are helping with the task that corresponds to him, but in addition the union will witness that the amounts of the previous administration will be analyzed at work tables,” he specified. .

Regarding the debt of the current administration, Martín Flores pointed out that there are minutes that the state government is committed to paying all the contributions it owes and that will be paid during the current state administration and “that in December 2023 there will be to cover two months of contributions from the year 2022 and that the years from 2024 to 2027 will have subsequent contributions, the ordinary ones in a timely manner and the remaining contributions from the years 2022 and 2023 will be covered.

He highlighted that in the benefit payment agreement, work tables will be held to register it before the Arbitration and Escalation Court, and once this is done, “as a union we will desist from labor demands, this in order for “The payments of all benefits are scheduled, which will all be covered no later than the second half of May 2024.”

With these agreements, the union leader mentioned, “we remain in the fight, without taking a step back.”

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