Entrepreneurs from the Aysén commune achieve certification in food and accommodation workshops

The event was promoted by Sernatur, which is being replicated throughout the Aysén region

Aysén.- Several tourism entrepreneurs from Puerto Aysén and Mañihuales were part of training in the areas of food and accommodation, and were able to be certified in each of the instances.
The ceremony was attended by the Regional Director of Sernatur Claudio Montecinos, the Mayor of the Aysén commune Julio Uribe, the Provincial Presidential Delegate Jorge Díaz, the participants in the training and their families.
“This is part of the work that we are developing as Sernatur Aysén, to be able to strengthen our Aysén – Patagonia destination and particularly today we are finishing the training course, which allows us to strengthen tourism management in accommodation establishments and also gastronomy. Therefore, we are very happy to be present again here in the commune of Aysén, to be able to strengthen the province and ultimately be able to have a greater number of visitors, which make our destination Aysén – Patagonia more competitive. So, we are very happy to have participated in the closing of this training,” said the Regional Director of Sernatur, Claudio Montecinos.
Meanwhile, the Mayor of the Aysén commune, Julio Uribe, valued the interest and perseverance of tourism entrepreneurs in the area, who are very attentive to the various trainings that are carried out in the area. “It is good that they have the possibility to express that they want to continue studying, they want to continue advancing, they want to have more knowledge, that is what I believe has a positive impact. As a Municipality we have always provided the spaces, officials who can support, also the request to have these workshops and courses through Sernatur, through the funds of the Regional Government and in this way continue to promote tourism in the commune.”
One of the main speakers of this training was Rene Fischer, president of Hospitality & Service University, who highlighted that in this instance emphasis was placed on the operational actions of tourism, aimed at improving care.
“We have worked on the operational aspects of tourism, which has to do with policies, procedures, technologies, manuals, standards and especially we have placed emphasis on the relational part, which means, the attitude of the people, the way of serving, the way of relating among collaborators and with tourists, with clients. The truth is that we have had very active participants, with a very good attitude to participate, we have done a lot of practical work, role plays, exercises, we have simulated real situations, serving older adults, people with children and applying these techniques. Everyone participated with a very good attitude, so I am very happy with this activity.”
Loreto Inostroza, from Shangrila Patagonia Aysén, wanted to take advantage of this instance of knowledge, but not alone, but with a large part of her work team. “The experience was super enriching, I was able to participate with a large part of the team of our venture, which was super favorable for what it is, the strengthening and teamwork that we have. “Very happy for the quality of the speakers, because we were able to learn, it was very entertaining, very active and there were two days of a lot of learning.”
From Sernatur, they indicated that these trainings for people linked to tourism are being carried out in all the communes of the region and seek to increasingly better deal with the arrival of both national and foreign tourists to the Aysén – Patagonia territory.

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