Carabineros investigate details of the death of a young man in Puyuhuapi

The victim’s companion, who escaped from the water on his own, gave the notice at the local checkpoint.

It was after two in the morning this Monday when a young man, completely soaked, arrived on his own at the Puyuhuapi Carabineros Checkpoint, indicating that he had had an accident at kilometer 400 of Route 7 South.

The testimony of this young man indicated that the driver, identified as Cristian Altamirano Gallardo, a relative of the affected person, was driving the vehicle when he lost control of it and fell into a fjord that was on the side of the road. He added that he got out of the vehicle on his own, but that his companion did not succeed, dying at the scene.

After the victim’s complaint, Carabineros, Firefighters and other services went to the scene of the accident and, with the help of divers from a local salmon company, they managed to extract the body of Altamirano Gallardo from the damaged vehicle and with the help of a robot. underwater that obtained images from the water.

According to the administrative subprefect, Lieutenant Colonel Juan Claudio Muñoz, of the Carabineros Aysén Prefecture, the police are carrying out the procedures to clarify the causes of the fatal accident.

“By instructions from the Public Ministry, a specialized team continues to work, personnel from the Carabineros GOPE, who have the mission of recovering the body, and personnel from the SIAT who are the specialists and in charge of the technical investigation related to investigating the causes of the accident. transit,” said the subprefect.

Lieutenant Colonel Muñoz asked drivers to maintain safety precautions when driving, especially when driving in rainy weather that can affect the condition of the roads.

Public services and schools delivered their condolences for the tragic death of Cristian Altamirano.

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