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With a investment that totals 18,000 million pesosthe total modernization of the Street lighting of Villavicencio, which is already illuminating the main parks and streets of Puerta del Llano.

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Continuing with the implementation of this project, soon more than 66,700 inhabitants of commune seven of Villavicencio will benefit from the adaptation of new lights, as recently announced by Felipe Harman, the mayor of the city.

“We have 1,600 LED lights left to install. And we made the decision, in the public lighting committee, that those 1,600 lights go to commune seven,” Harman announced.

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Mayor Felipe Harman announced that the last 1,600 LED lights will be installed in commune seven, one of the most affected in terms of security.


Villavicencio Mayor’s Office

The president of the Community Action Board of the sixth stage of La Esperanza, Juan Carlos Fandiño, celebrated this news and assured that “with this lighting we have a better perception of security and we can fully identify the people who pass through our sector. Without a doubt, it is a bet that will help our families be able to walk through the streets of the neighborhood without so much fear.“.

In addition, the mayor’s office inaugurated the lighting of the one-kilometer road corridor that connects the Caños Negros road with the Betty Camacho neighborhood, where the public company Alborada installed 31 LED lights with their respective poles, lighting and transformers.

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The lighting of the one kilometer road corridor that connects the Caños Negros road with the Betty Camacho neighborhood, in Villavicencio, was recently inaugurated.


Villavicencio Mayor’s Office

In the middle of this inauguration day, the mayor of Villavicencio announced that the municipality will take legal action to recover 67,000 million that the previous private lighting concession owes to the municipality, according to the Comptroller’s Office.

“The concession installed the sodium lights in ’97, they did nothing more than repair them, and they collected the citizens’ tax for 20 years”
he said, and added: “Before I leave the mayor’s office, we are going to sue them to return that money, because they have to return it.”


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