Haquim revived the dispute with the ruling party: “we are not there because they kicked us out” – Jujuy

Haquim revived the dispute with the ruling party: “we are not there because they kicked us out” – Jujuy
Haquim revived the dispute with the ruling party: “we are not there because they kicked us out” – Jujuy

11/21/2023. Within the framework of the elections, the vice governor was consulted about the role that Primero Jujuy will have starting in December, after Morales unilaterally decided to remove the party from the Frente Cambia Jujuy. He also questioned the reform

It was in June, when Gerardo Morales slammed the door in the face of his vice-governor, expelling the Primero Jujuy party from the Frente Cambia Jujuy. Since then, Carlos Haquim began to play an opposition role within the government, of which he no longer considers himself a part. , pointing out “we are not there because they kicked us out.”

It was within the framework of Sunday’s runoff elections that the leader of Peronism was consulted about the role that the space he leads will play starting December 10, when 50% of the seats in the Legislature are replaced. which he currently presides over. Thus, Haquim sentenced a journalist from Radio 2 “We are not here because they kicked us out,” pointing out that he will no longer be part of the ruling party.

The vice governor’s discomfort has its argument: in mid-June, in what was the closing of lists at the national level, the representatives of the Frente Cambia Jujuy presented a note to the Federal Electoral Court of the province establishing the separation of the “Primero Jujuy” and “Siempre Jujuy” parties of the official political alliance. Hours before, Morales and Haquim signed the charter of Together for Change, which confirmed the membership of the forces led by the vice-governor.

Without explanations, the radical leader closed the doors of space to those who contributed part of the Peronist votes in the 2015 victory to reach the governorship.

From that moment on, Haquim distanced himself, even exposing a prominent opposition role.

The first step was taken when he denied the statements of the State Attorney about the millionaire sum of money that represented the vandalism that occurred against the Casa de Piedra due to protests against the partial reform of the Constitution. “There has not been serious damage, but simply broken glass, as a result of the fire, the damage to some furniture, some computer,” he explained to the press.

Then, in September, the reception of the Malón de la Paz in the Legislature was added, a meeting in which Haquim committed to the indigenous communities not to support any of the projects to adapt the reform. So much so, that after leaving to cast his vote in the second round, the leader attacked the changes in the provincial Magna Carta and highlighted “there are things that I see that have been done in recent times, perhaps some important ones, but not It has been possible to make progress with the real and daily problems of the people that often have to do with very simple things such as a curb, a sidewalk, asphalt, water, electricity, land ownership” and he added “they are pending matters that will remain for the next government.”

A few days after the departure of Gerardo Morales from the Executive, Haquim recalled the course that the radical leader has been suffering and stated “when we were there they won and now that we are not there they lose.”

Thus, Haquim clarified that Primero Jujuy will no longer be part of the ruling party “we are going to work and support things that benefit the people, we are going to observe what is not, but we are also going to develop our own projects to solve the problems.” that they have today.”

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