Women’s and men’s karate leave medals for Caldas in the National Games

Women’s and men’s karate leave medals for Caldas in the National Games
Women’s and men’s karate leave medals for Caldas in the National Games

Photo | Luis Fernando Trejos | HOMELAND

Andrés Felipe Rendón (blue belt) won his first two battles. In the third he was eliminated by Juan David Forero, from Valle del Cauca.


Precision, technique and blow were lacking Andrés Felipe Rendón Llanosone of the four karatekas who represented yesterday Caldas in the National Games 2023to qualify for the final of the modality of male kumite karate.

During the day, held at the Coliseum of the Santa Inés Educational Institutionof Manizales, the Caldense audience cheered. However, He was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Juan David Forero from Valle del Cauca.. Through tears she said goodbye to the audience who, although she did not obtain the result she expected, applauded his participation.

Edison Ospinacoach of the Caldas National Team, mentioned that They expected at least a gold medalwhich although it was not obtained with Andrés Felipe Rendón, it was obtained with Sofia Cardenas Balcazar. The young woman began her debut at 9:00 at night in women’s kumite karate. He quickly made his way through his opponents and moved on to compete for the gold medal with the Atlantic native Magna Milena Álvarezwhom they finally beat with a difference of six points (7-1).

Another medal for Caldas

Febor Aníbal Conde Ramos26 years old, and who – as he points out – is a repatriate from the department of Córdoba, said a good performance during combat. Even though his scores were no more than five points ahead of his opponents, consistent victories in the knockout rounds gave him a direct pass to the men’s karate kumite final.

“It is an achievement, we have worked for this. The idea is to leave the gold at home and win. I feel that I deserve it and that I can win it,” commented the athlete before going out to the last battle.

The fight was with Juan Camilo Fernández Díaz from Bogotáwho managed to beat him with 3 points to 0. Febor did not take the gold, but left the silver medal in Caldas.


For the mode of individual kataCaldas competed with Mara Alejandra Abril, which did not make it past the first rounds. Even though she prepared very well, she He described the experience as terrifying.. “Fear and anxiety never stop appearing, however I prepared myself for this competition for many months,” he concluded.


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