CGE holds a workshop on prevention and security against cable theft in Arica

CGE holds a workshop on prevention and security against cable theft in Arica
CGE holds a workshop on prevention and security against cable theft in Arica

The initiative had the participation of authorities and public security specialists, who received technical information about the electrical network and the risks associated with this crime.

The electric company CGE organized the “Red Eléctrica and Cable Theft Workshop” in Arica, in order to provide technical knowledge to prevent and combat cable theft in the region, a problem that affects the entire community and has serious consequences. economic and social.

The workshop, which was held at the CGE offices, was attended by representatives of the Public Ministry, Undersecretary of Crime Prevention, Carabineros, Investigative Police, municipality of Arica and telecommunications companies.

On the occasion, technical aspects about the configuration and operation of the existing electrical network in the Arica and Parinacota region were presented. The effects of cable theft, the electrical risks involved in this crime and the security measures that police and institutions must take when carrying out investigative procedures in this regard were also addressed.

Likewise, the economic and social implications that this type of illegal activities generate were discussed, highlighting the importance of working together to confront them. In addition, security recommendations were provided aimed at preventing and reacting to these crimes when they occur.

The zonal manager of CGE, Guillermo Rojas Álvarez, emphasized the value of sharing relevant information with public security authorities, such as Carabineros and Investigations. “Cable theft is a problem that requires coordinated action from different perspectives: prevention, investigation and identification of the groups that reduce and mediate this irregular copper market,” he said.

The activity concluded with the delivery of a technical sample where Carabineros and Investigations have information on the different types of copper conductor that CGE uses in the area and that will improve the identification of the material in police procedures, seizures and prevention actions.



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