Dissidents who extorted and displaced people in Huila go to prison

Dissidents who extorted and displaced people in Huila go to prison
Dissidents who extorted and displaced people in Huila go to prison


The criminals were captured in a rural area of ​​the municipality of La Plata. “People who refused to pay extortions were threatened with forced displacement,” said Colonel Javier Vásquez, commander (e) of the Army’s Ninth Brigade.

The four dissidents of the extinct FARC guerrilla who had threatened merchants, ranchers and farmers in municipalities in western Huila if they did not pay the extortions were sent to prison. The prison security measure against the dissidents of the ‘Dagoberto’ mobile column Ramos’, from the Western Coordinating Command, was ordered by the municipal criminal judge with guarantee control functions who considered them a “danger to the community and the victims.”They are Duván Ernel Pérez Cobo, 25 years old; Maicol Sebastián Yule Guegue, 27 years old; Wilson Andrés Villano Conde, 19 years old, and Yonander Flor Cometa, 21 years old, all from the neighboring department of Cauca.

The group of dissidents must respond to justice for the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime and trafficking, manufacturing and carrying firearms for private use, charges brought against them by Prosecutor 108 of the Specialized Directorate against Criminal Organizations.

The capture The four dissidents were captured in a house in the village of El Triunfo, in the municipality of La Plata, by members of the Cacique Pigoanza Battalion, attached to the Ninth Brigade of the Army. Colonel Javier Armando Vásquez Goyeneche, commander (e) of the unit military, stated that the four dissidents accused of economic demands, and forcibly recruiting peasants, would be engaged in murders. “This commission would be responsible for numerous criminal acts against the civilian population, among which displacement, forced disappearance, homicide, reception, illegal carrying of firearms and constraint stand out.”He maintained that the subjects, through the use of firearms, carried out extortion actions against productive unions and inhabitants of the villages of Santa Marta, San Mateo, El Rosario, San Vicente, San Miguel de La Plata, and rural areas of the municipalities of La Argentina, Iquira, Thessaly, Operaba and Nátaga.

The investigations revealed that the dissidents from a home in the region They planned each of the criminal activities against the population.

“The men were hiding in a house from where it is presumed they planned the collections, the constraint and the threats of forced displacement to those who refused to pay.” The officer indicated that intelligence work added to the information provided by the community, They made it possible to alert about the presence of the group of dissidents who were wearing military clothing, in addition to carrying long-range firearms.

During the operation and search of the home, the uniformed officers seized two 9-millimeter caliber pistols, suppliers, ammunition, as well as a passport, from the dissidents. payment receipts and peace of mind that they gave to the victims who gave them the extortion money. They also seized a motorcycle that was reported stolen.

Colonel Vásquez Goyeneche stated that the four alleged dissidents apparently received orders from alias ‘El Paisa’ or ‘Jair’, to advance extortion payments.

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