Election results in Capital, Santiago del Estero: Milei president | Massa vs Milei ballot in Capital, Santiago del Estero

Election results in Capital, Santiago del Estero: Milei president | Massa vs Milei ballot in Capital, Santiago del Estero
Election results in Capital, Santiago del Estero: Milei president | Massa vs Milei ballot in Capital, Santiago del Estero
The results of the count in the Capital scrutiny, Santiago del Estero

National Total

Javier Mileifrom La Libertad Avanza, won therunoff of the 2023 Electionsand will be the president of Argentina as of December 10. Defeated by more than 10 pointsSergio Massafrom Union for the Homeland.

Results map

President Milei: how much he won and the results map of the 2023 Elections, province by province

The traceability of electoral documentation

During recent years, the Official Post “focused its efforts on improving and systematizing the processes related to its legal responsibility.” These advances include the implementation of a new traceability system for electoral material and documentation, as well as close collaboration with all the actors involved, which means that each ballot box delivered to the establishments is accompanied by a control process that allows its journey to be visualized. from the moment it leaves the corresponding operational center until it is delivered to each polling station. The same thing happens once Correo removes the ballot boxes from the polling stations once the election is over.

Of the 17,427 locations in which the ballot boxes were distributed throughout the country, the Argentine Postal Service established that, once the closure of each table is complete, the telegrams can be transmitted in 12,010 establishments. This means that for next Sunday the number of telegram transmission kits was increased compared to the STEP of August 13.

The telegrams will be transmitted from highly secured computer equipment and in addition to the 1,482 total Correo Argentino branches nationwide, 1,150 will be digital electoral branches; that is, they will be able to transmit the scanned telegrams to the election’s operational headquarters for processing; in case there is any contingency at the polling place.

Why was there a ballot?

Sergio Massa and Javier Milei went to a runoff because in the general elections on October 22, the second round scenario proposed by the Constitution occurred. Articles 97 and 98 of the Magna Carta establish that the president and vice president of the Nation will be elected as long as they obtain more than 45% of the affirmative votes validly cast or when they exceed 40% and have a difference greater than 10 points. percentages with respect to the total votes obtained by the formula that comes in second place.

If neither of these two requirements is met, a second round is expected to be held, in which only the two formulas with the greatest number of votes in the first instance of the general elections participate.

In that instance, the duo that obtains the greatest number of affirmative votes validly cast – regardless of the difference with the other formula – will be the winner and its candidates will be elected as president and vice president.

When is there a runoff or second round?

Articles 97 and 98 of the National Constitution establish that a candidate becomes President in the first round only when he obtains more than 45% of the affirmative votes in that election, or at least 40% of the votes and a percentage difference greater than 10 points compared to the candidate who came second.

Meanwhile, the Magna Carta provides that, if any of these requirements are not met, a second round must be held, also known as a runoff, in which the two formulas with the most votes in the first round participate. That is, who came out first and who came out second.

Electoral ban

In Argentina, article 71 of the National Electoral Code prohibits “acts of public proselytism” and “publishing or disseminating surveys and projections on the result of the election during the election and up to three hours after its close.” That is, only at 9 p.m. on that Sunday it is legal to broadcast numbers.

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