Corrientes: due to the rising of the Uruguay River, they cut a route and the alert remains

Corrientes: due to the rising of the Uruguay River, they cut a route and the alert remains
Corrientes: due to the rising of the Uruguay River, they cut a route and the alert remains

They closed Provincial Route 94 due to the rising of the River (Télam)

Days ago Currents is experiencing an alert situation for possible floods due to the rising of the Uruguay Riverwhich caused the closure of the Provincial Route 94located in the northeast of the province.

The water reached the asphalt and interrupted traffic on the route at the height of the bridge over the Ciriaco stream and in the vicinity of Morredor streamdue to the overflowing of channels as a result of the rising of the river that received high levels of rain.

In this context, it has been requested not to circulate in the area or to do so with absolute caution. It is close to the town of Garabiprecisely in a sector at the end of the Atalaya Place and surroundings of Garruchosa distant point 359 kilometers east of the capital of Corrientes and 113 kilometers south of Inns, Missions.

To deal with the problem he has been working since yesterday Civil Defense and Provincial Roadswho are coordinating the passage of vehicles and also establishing a time during which traffic will remain completely interrupted.

“It is also reported that the road posts belonging to the Corrientes Police will be informing the detour and alternative routes of the case,” the forces highlighted as reported. Telam.

They even detailed that of the 23 ports monitored by the Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA) On the Uruguay River, 18 remain in a state of alert or evacuation, with variable pulses of rising.

However, in Monte Caseros and Mocoretá in Corrientes, Reservoir Federation, Big Jump Up and Big Jump Down They have detected a decreasing rate of the level of the Uruguay River this Monday.

Precisely in Garruchosarea of ​​​​the cut of Route 94, the river measures 20.42 meters, more than six meters above the evacuation level, according to the figure of the PNA.

The Uruguay River grows exponentially and generates floods (NA)

It all started last November 14 when the Yacyretá Binational Entity issued a warning about new significant increases in the level of the Paraná River, as a result of intense rainfall in the basins located north of said channel, which was already overflowing in several areas of the province of Corrientes.

The EBY had reported that the tributary flows to Yacyretá had experienced an increase due to the rains in part of the brazilian territory and in the basin of direct contribution to the hydroelectric plant, located on the Paraná River, at the height of ItuzaingóCurrents.

It is important to remember that at the beginning of this month more than 150 families in the province were affected by the flooding of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, caused by intense rains in the upper basin of Brazil where the rainfall two weeks ago significantly exceeded the volumes average and the increase in flow in the Yacyretá reservoir was a determining factor.

And to deal with the accumulation generated in the reservoir, the water passage devices had to be opened. The opening of devices led to the expelled volume exacerbating the situation in the affected areas.

In this context, the head of Civil Defense Operations of the province, Orlando Bertoniexpressed concern about the rapid escalation of the water level, especially in the Yacyretá area, where the flow of the Paraná River increased from 20,000 to more than 35,000 cubic meters per second in a short period, generating complications in nearby ports and forcing the relocation of numerous families.

In Ituzaingó45 families were forced to leave their homes due to flooding, seeking refuge in relatives’ homes and in the Municipal Sports Hostel. The mayor of that town, Juan Pablo Valdesunderlined the magnitude of the challenge, recalling a similar situation in 2014.

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