The new Congress: Milei defines his lieutenants and Macrismo evaluates how to neutralize Kirchnerism

The new Congress: Milei defines his lieutenants and Macrismo evaluates how to neutralize Kirchnerism
The new Congress: Milei defines his lieutenants and Macrismo evaluates how to neutralize Kirchnerism

Congress will be one of the few bastions of resistance of Kirchnerist Peronism starting December 10. He will maintain the first minority in both chambers and, with that firepower, It will seek to condition, if not hinder, the sanction of the laws of the new administration of Javier Milei. That is the danger that Macri’s unconditional allies of the brand new president-elect foresee, who They already have a strategy in mind to neutralize possible attacks.

Cristian Ritondo, current head of the Pro bloc of deputies, is one of the leaders who is considered to preside over the Lower House upon the inauguration of the new government. On his first day as president-elect, Milei confirmed that she has an “excellent relationship” with him, although she immediately rescued the figure of the Peronist. Florencio Randazzo – “He is an honest person, we are working,” he said – and praised Miguel Pichettoformer candidate for vice president of Mauricio Macri, of whom he said that he will have a “prominent role” in the Lower House as an articulator of consensus with other spaces, especially Peronism.

“Miguel always had a good relationship with Milei, but until now he has not received any offer,” they let it be known in those around him. Would he accept to preside over the Chamber of Deputies? “Only if you are assured in advance that you will have the necessary supports; I would only accept a place like that if there is a political framework that allows it to generate consensus. “Miguel is not looking for a position”they respond.

Miguel Ángel Pichetto on LN+LN+

While Milei maintains the suspense – everything will be subject to the negotiations with the Macri administration –, Ritondo is already moving as his main lieutenant. Talk to everyone. Tomorrow he will meet with Mario Negri, head of the radical bloc; The question of governance in Congress will be inevitable. The dilemma to be resolved is how to prevent Kirchnerist Peronism from continuing to dominate the main resources of the Chamber – among them the key commissions – with the argument of the first minority.

The problem is not minor and must be resolved before December 10: Milei anticipated that as soon as he takes office he will promote measures of economic shock, some of which will be translated into bills that will require immediate parliamentary approval. In the Macrismo they admit that if the new ruling party fails to hegemonize the most important commissions – among them Budget and Treasury-, The laws will end up fraying or they will shipwreckwith the political wear and tear that this entails for a government of parliamentary fragility.

The shortcut of appealing to Necessity and Urgency Decree (DNU) will also not be plausible if Kirchnerist Peronism maintains dominance over the strategic Bicameral Legislative Procedure Commission, in charge of ruling on these exceptional measures. Needless to say, if the new government intends to fill vacant positions in the Supreme Court, the Attorney General or in different federal courts; While the Senate Agreements Commission remain in the hands of Kirchnerism, the efforts will be useless.

Javier Milei and Florencio Randazzo

How to neutralize this potential danger? In numerical terms the answer is simple: the libertarian-macrista conglomerate must surpass Unión por la Patria in number of members to snatch the title of first minority. In the Chamber of Deputies this new centre-right space would bring together 85 and 90 deputies with parliamentary renewal; ergo, it should add between 15 and 20 alliesat least, to exceed in number the 105 members that Unión por la Patria will have.

“We could articulate a ‘contingency majority’ that would be articulated for the sole purpose of forming the commissions and preventing the Peronist opposition from controlling them with its first minority – they explain in the Macrismo -. This would allow us to move forward with the most urgent opinions and bring them to the venue. Then, let each block vote for them as they see fit. If they accompany them, the better.”

In the macrismo they do the math: radicalism, with 25 deputies, would be the first to be summoned. In Yrigoyen’s party, some resentment persists due to the mistreatment received by Milei during the campaign and there are few legislators who could join the new official space. However, resistance could be diluted with adequate incentives, they trust Macriism. After all, with the parliamentary renewal a whole range of positions will open up to be negotiated. Among them are two positions in the General Auditor’s Office of the Nation (AGN), a position for which Negri, from Córdoba, aspires, as his term will end this year.

Among the potential allies, the Macristas also note the five deputies from Cordoba who respond to Juan Schiaretti. The provincials who respond to non-Peronist governors could also be in the game. TEverything will depend on the good disposition – and generosity – of the new government.

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