Satse demands the expansion of health centers in Córdoba

Satse demands the expansion of health centers in Córdoba
Satse demands the expansion of health centers in Córdoba

Satse demands the expansion of health centers in CórdobaCORDOVA

He nursing union SatseCordova has reported this Tuesday that, after the number of health professionals pending that in 2024 they will be structural in the SAS, as signed by the Andalusian Health Service and Satse in the Sectorial Table, “Health centers need a major reform in their structure and even the new construction of some, since if these reforms are not undertaken the situation would be chaotic.

Satse considers that “one of the priority objectives of the Ministry of Health is guarantee Patient Safety, Humanization and Personalization of Health Care; For this reason, it is essential to advance in the provision of the necessary resources, not only of personnel but of infrastructure to achieve these objectives, which are currently depleted in the province of Córdoba.”

This group has asked the managers “urgent action in the different Health Centers of the province of Córdoba, conveying its concern about the regrettable and third-world state of various Health Centers of the province where Nurses lack Nursing consultations, centers that do not meet the slightest conditions for health care to citizens.” Satse “holds the Córdoba Health Delegation responsible, which has also been addressed in writing alerting them of this situation and also holding various City Councils responsible for the carelessness and incompetence to sometimes find meeting points for the location and construction of a new health center, since some are unworthy of providing health care to citizens.


On the other hand, “various health centersd have a very small number of spaces for nursing consultationseven having to share 1 consultation with 4 Nursing professionals and very small or lacking Physiotherapy and Midwife consultations,” says Satse.

This union considers that the Health Delegation of Córdoba, with María Jesús Botella at the head, is the first responsible for the insulting state of some Health Centers, given its inability to put an end to a situation that has been entrenched for years and that affects directly to the health of citizens and also due to the lack and delay in reforms to increase Nursing consultations and Physiotherapy and Midwives rooms.

Satse will monitor the efforts undertaken by the Health Delegation and will ask “the City Councils of the municipalities that have health centers with structural deficiencies, to participate in demanding the reforms in health centers necessary for affordable health care.” effective and efficient citizenship of the 21st century”.


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