“Everything that is Beat” opens to the world of streaming

In a joint effort between Radio U and Signal U, UNCUYO media, the morning program of our university station can now be heard and seen through the TDA and the Unidiversidad website.

“Everything that is Beat”, from one of the Signal U studios.

This Tuesday, November 21, is a premiere day for the UNCUYO media. After months of hard work, the streaming format takes over the air of Radio U and Signal U to, together, present “Everything that is Beat.”

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., you can listen to the program on our radio, 96.5, but also watch it on television signals, channel 30 TDA and 22 of Súper Canal HD, and you can even enjoy it through the Unidiversidad website. The audiovisual radio format is a fact in many parts of the world and Unidiversity He couldn’t stay outside.

Therefore, with the leadership of Alejandra Bittar and participation in microphones and cameras Elizabeth Montecinos and Mauro Bourguetstarted this audiovisual adventure from our media.

Mauro Bourguet, Alejandra Bittar and Elizabeth Montecinos.

The team is also shown in the tasks productionwho will be in charge of Natalia Calderón, Laura Martínezfrom Radio U, and from Nahir Senesi from Signal U.

The program will have columnists, high-level interviews and everything so that, for two hours a day, it will keep viewers and listeners attentive.

And obviously, you will have the prestigious and experienced teams of Signal U and Radio U behind the scenes to achieve, in the best way, deliver this new “radio-television” product for the entire university and Mendoza community.

Image of the first program of “Everything that is Beat” streaming on Signal U.


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