Alerts for extreme heat in Salta and Jujuy and for storms in the center of the country and the coast

Alerts for extreme heat in Salta and Jujuy and for storms in the center of the country and the coast
Alerts for extreme heat in Salta and Jujuy and for storms in the center of the country and the coast

He National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued a orange alert for extreme heat for much of Jumpwith temperatures around 36 degrees, and another yellow level for the southeast of Jujuy, at the same time that it launched a storm alert for Between rivers, broad sectors of Santa Fe, Córdoba, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán, the northeast of San Luis, and the south of La Rioja and Catamarca.

He orange alert for temperatures that “They can be very dangerousespecially for risk groups”, such as boys and girls, people over 65 years of age, with chronic illnessess, applies to much of the center and west of Jump.

Some locations under alert due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures are the capital city, Anta, General Güemes, La Candelaria, Metán, Rosario de la Frontera, La Viña, the puna of Cachi, the puna of La Poma, the lower area of ​​Rosario de Lerma, the mountainous area of ​​Cafayate, Cerrillos, and Guachipaswhere maximum temperatures between 34 and 36 degrees are expected.

Meanwhile, the SMN launched a yellow level alert for the southeast of Jujuy where temperatures are expected “they can be dangerous, especially for risk groups” and they have an effect “mild to moderate in health.”

In San Salvador de Jujuy a maximum of 37 degreesas in the towns of Santa Bárbara and Palpalá.

What are the recommendations to combat high temperatures?

Among the recommendations for residents, the SMN recalled the importance of increasing water consumption without waiting to be thirsty; Do not expose yourself to the sun excessively, not even in the middle of the day (between 10 and 16); pay attention to the you drinkboys and girls and the elderly; avoid caffeinated, alcoholic or very sugary drinks: eat vegetables and fruits; and reduce physical activity.

On the other hand, the national organization issued a yellow level alert for storms of varying intensity, some locally strong, in much of the center of the country and the coast.

The alert covers the entire province of Between rivers; much of Santa Fe and Córdoba, with the exception of the southern extremes; the northeast of saint Louisthe center and south of Santiago del Estero, the southeast of La Rioja, the southeast of Catamarca and almost all of Tucumánexcept the northwest corner.

The storms will be accompanied by gusts, intense electrical activity, occasional hailoy especially abundant fall of water in short periods with values ​​of accumulated precipitation between 30 and 50 millimetersand can be overcome in a timely manner.

For the population of those areas the SMN He recommended not taking out the trash; remove objects that prevent water from draining; avoid outdoor activities; do not take shelter near trees and electricity poles that may fall; to minimize the risk of be struck by lightning, do not stay on beaches, rivers, lagoons or pools; and pay attention to the possible fall of hail.

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