Unusual: illegal terminal found at Central Station

Unusual: illegal terminal found at Central Station
Unusual: illegal terminal found at Central Station

A shocking find carried out by the authorities in Central Station: They found an international bus terminal that worked clandestinelyparcels of food and cigarettes were unloaded.

It is for this reason that until the scene of the events, municipal personnel arrived and Carabineros to investigate the fact.

The illegal terminal

The mayor of the commune, Felipe Muñoz, told Tu Día that “We were monitoring this illegal terminal a long time ago. which is very close to the Municipality and which Today we realize that there is merchandise “They have no way to prove that it has been brought legally and there is clearly cigarette smuggling.”

“It affects us a lot considering that these cigarettes are sold on public roads“said the mayor of Estación Central.

Finally several people arrived at the bus terminal and they tried to recover the merchandise, but They did not have the documents to verify the purchase.

We are requisitioning these materials and they will finally be transferred to our warehouses. of those people who manage to prove the purchases. “The fact that these items are passing through Customs draws our attention.”.

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