“It’s the first time I see a beautiful, pure and real love”

Tuesday, November 21, 2023 10:46 AM Updated November 21, 2023 10:46 AM

Mirtha Valcárcel He pointed out in ‘América Hoy’ that he supports the love relationship between his daughter Milett Figueroa and Marcelo Tinelli. Her mother stressed that “God’s times are perfect,” so she believes that her heir found love in southern lands. She knows all the details.

What did Milett Figueroa’s mother declare?

During the last edition of ‘América Hoy’, Martha Valcárcel He highlighted what he thinks about the romance between his daughter Milett Figueroa and Marcelo Tinelli, suggesting that he would agree with the relationship that is developing between them.

Milett Figueroa’s mother, Martha Valcárcel, was invited to the program ‘América Hoy’, where she spoke about the officialization of the romance between her daughter and Marcelo Tinelli. Initially, the lady highlighted the following: “God’s times have perfect times, there are things that arrive without thinking, that reach the heart.”

In addition, Martha Valcárcel He pointed out that when Marcelo Tinelli took his daughter Milett Figueroa to that meeting, he had already made the romance official. It should be noted that the lady could not help but get excited about them, ensuring that the model had no serious relationships before.

“She is happy with life. I have repeated it several times, boyfriends have not even had lasting relationships. “It’s the first time I see a beautiful, pure and real love,” he added.

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Marcelo Tinelli on Milett Figueroa’s past

On the other hand, after the Argentine press exposed Milett Figueroa’s love past with different boys, Marcelo Tinelli did not hesitate to defend her publicly and highlight that it is not something that interests him.

“I like to enjoy the present a lot, I don’t look at the past much either. They can tell me two hundred thousand stories. Here is the man who seems to be the biographer of Milett’s life, of all the things he has done and the weaklings he has dated. The truth is that I don’t care who he went out with.”highlighted an Argentine program.

Along the same lines, Marcelo Tinelli assured that he has nothing to be scandalized about Milett Figueroa’s past, since the goal has been “a saint”:

“If they made my biography, I would directly close the TV. I’m not going to be Pope Francis, saying: ‘Oh, how tremendous,’ because I really don’t care what he did before. On the contrary, I really like to enjoy today, and the future, the truth is that I don’t know. “I never imagined the future, I could never imagine it in my life.”

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