Meeting for security with the axis in the prevention of crimes and virtual scams • Diario Democracia

Meeting for security with the axis in the prevention of crimes and virtual scams • Diario Democracia
Meeting for security with the axis in the prevention of crimes and virtual scams • Diario Democracia

Within the framework of the working group promoted by the Municipality, where issues that have to do with security in different commercial areas of the city are periodically analyzed, in recent days a new meeting was held between merchants, members of the justice system, police and the Municipal Security Secretariat, to take stock and advance in the prevention of virtual crimes and scams.

In this framework, Marianela Mucciolo, in charge of the presidency of the Commerce and Industry Society, pointed out that “this meeting has to do with continuity of the work that we have been carrying out through the table that we form together with the Security Secretariat and the forces “In this case we have called a meeting due to the concern that exists on the part of merchants in relation to crimes that have to do with virtual scams.”

“We want to thank the commitment and presence of the police authorities, the justice system and, as always, the Municipality, because together we can find a solution, find ways to eradicate this new type of crime,” he said. Mucciolo also highlighted the “importance of the work group promoted by the Municipality, since it allows us to have an overview of the situation and act quickly when there is an issue of concern. Also highlight the commitment that each of the institutions and the merchant have. , who not only lets us know what is happening, but also commits to being part of the solution.”

Meanwhile, Commissioner Pablo Fernández, Head of the Junín Departmental Police Station, stated that “these work meetings are frequent between the Security Secretariat and the members of Commerce and Industry, we are always permanently in contact and waiting for what “is emerging to continue modifying given the need for that to happen.”

“From the security forces we set up a daily operation where we cover the different and large commercial areas that Junín has. Which leads to a great demand for troops and a lot of work in those areas. Fortunately we have had many positive results, we have even arrested people who had committed crimes without the merchant knowing and that is thanks to the great work done by the staff and their commitment to the safety of the neighbors,” he noted.

Work table

Finally, Andrés Rosa, Secretary of Security of the Municipality, also highlighted “the importance of the work table for the prevention of crimes with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a table that has already been in operation for more than four years, with dialogue and permanent meetings, which allows us to be alert and respond promptly to merchants’ concerns.

“The issue of virtual scams that we have to face today, knowing that it is a crime that has grown exponentially, has forced us as a Municipality to advance in the creation of the Cybercrime Office, being the first municipality in the province of Buenos Aires to have a unit of this type and from there, carry out talks and training and prevention meetings with specialists in the matter,” he recalled.

Finally, Andrés Rosa thanked “the Public Prosecutor’s Office for participating in these meetings and explaining to merchants what the judicial process is like. For our part, as a government, we are going to continue working, we are going to continue managing, because we believe that it is necessary to modify the Code of Criminal Procedure because there are crimes that deserve another sanctioning scale, so as not to see this revolving door, we want whoever commits a crime that so affects the merchants who are here today and so many others, not to go unpunished.

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