Election results in Junín, Buenos Aires: Milei president | Massa vs Milei ballot in Junín, Buenos Aires

Election results in Junín, Buenos Aires: Milei president | Massa vs Milei ballot in Junín, Buenos Aires
Election results in Junín, Buenos Aires: Milei president | Massa vs Milei ballot in Junín, Buenos Aires
The results of the count in the Junín election, Buenos Aires

National Total

Javier Mileifrom La Libertad Avanza, won therunoff of the 2023 Electionsand will be the president of Argentina as of December 10. Defeated by more than 10 pointsSergio Massafrom Union for the Homeland.

Results map

President Milei: how much he won and the results map of the 2023 Elections, province by province


The National Electoral Chamber (CNE) clarified that the ballots that were made official for the first round that took place on October 22, in the category of candidates for President and Vice President of the Nation, are valid for voting in this Sunday’s runoff.

Likewise, the official ballots for this Sunday the 19th are valid “respecting the design and without other modifications,” the CNE clarified.

Meanwhile, they explained that the ballots that were used in the open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries (PASO) that were disputed on August 13 are “not valid.”

Within the framework of the second round that will be held this Sunday, Argentines will define the next President and Vice President of the Nation between the formulas made up of Sergio Massa-Agustín Rossi (Unión por la Patria) and Javier Milei-Victoria Villarruel (La Libertad Avanza ).

What are exit boxes?

Exit polls are surveys carried out by political consultants on election day to people who have just left the establishments where they cast their vote. The data collected by pollsters cannot be published in any media, since otherwise the national law would be violated.

In Argentina, article 71 of the National Electoral Code “publish or disseminate surveys and projections on the result of the election during the election and up to three hours after it closes.” Only at 9 p.m. is it legal to broadcast numbers.

The rule expressly prohibits the publication of polls about the closing to prevent the electoral process from being altered prior to its completion, because although the elections close at 6 p.m., there are districts where they tend to last a little longer.

What the interactive maps of Página/12 show

The interactive maps of Página/12 will reflect in real time the votes of the runoff that defines who will be the next president. The different views allow you to see the distribution of votes between Sergio Massa and Javier Milei in each district of the country.

What is the difference between the provisional and the definitive scrutiny?

When voting closes, the counting of votes begins. The first scrutiny is provisional in nature and subsequently the definitive scrutiny is carried out, which takes several days and gives the final result.

Votes are counted at the same polling station immediately after the close of the election. The result is entered into the corresponding electoral documentation for sending to the electoral authorities, who then add up the votes recorded in each of the telegrams.

The final vote is the one that has legal validity and establishes who are the elected candidates for the positions in dispute. The National Electoral Justice does it. It begins 48 hours after the end of the elections and is carried out based on the Scrutiny Minutes of each table.

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