Head of OEFA Junín: “We have identified pools with deficiencies in the El Porvenir dump” | EDITION

Head of OEFA Junín: “We have identified pools with deficiencies in the El Porvenir dump” | EDITION
Head of OEFA Junín: “We have identified pools with deficiencies in the El Porvenir dump” | EDITION

The head of the Environmental Evaluation and Supervision Agency (OEFA) in Junín, Imelda Montoro, explained in detail all the deficiencies in the management of solid waste from the El Porvenir dump, in El Tambo. Although the district mayor and his council members try hard to deny it, this place does not handle the final disposal of garbage well. Furthermore, space is running out and the dumps will exist until 2025. This is the version from the inspection side.

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Is correct solid waste treatment being developed at the El Tambo dump?

In general terms, the concern in El Porvenir is leachate management. We have identified ponds with deficiencies, their infrastructure is broken. There is no adequate drainage of the leachates, therefore, they are accumulating in certain areas and this generates soil contamination, they can go to nearby water sources and can be a source of generation of vectors such as flies; also odors. Additionally, it is one of the largest districts in Junín, generating a large amount of solid waste. There is no segregation of organic waste to reduce and make disposal more efficient in this degraded area, therefore, another concern is the space, the lifespan that this degraded area may have. It has already been expanded on the side parts. We are seeing that it be enabled first, that means that the soil is waterproofed, the laying of pipelines to collect leachate, and that chimneys are generated for the elimination and burning of gases. This is in mention of what the standard indicates, 1278, and additionally to prevent environmental impacts.

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They have gone to inspect 4 times, does that mean that the observations they have made to the MDT have not been corrected or are they new observations?

A little of both. As I told you, this year a new lateral area has become evident. We have asked that this area be enabled first so that it can be made available. A second aspect are the observations that are not yet being corrected by the municipality, such as the management of leachate and the issue of the construction of chimneys. And what we are demanding from the municipality is that it be able to present its recovery plan for areas degraded by solid waste. In this instrument they must state what actions they are going to develop to close the dump in the short term.

What the councilors have pointed out is that El Tambo is not carrying out the final disposal of its garbage well. Should the population be worried?

There are homes in the surrounding area, but not adjacent to the dump; However, the amount of waste it generates represents a high environmental risk if it is not well managed, in terms of leachate generation. Our concern now is the capacity of the degraded area because there is no longer an adjacent, lateral area that can be disposed of unless the organic waste recovery area is enabled, which is on the other side of the dump. We can no longer expand the dumps, we are in the process of closing them, it would be going against the current that the municipalities in the case of El Tambo and also Huancayo are expanding their dumps when we know that we are already a year away from closure thereof.

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