Teacher salary 2023 in Peru: Since when does the increase payment begin? | ANSWERS

Teacher salary 2023 in Peru: Since when does the increase payment begin? | ANSWERS
Teacher salary 2023 in Peru: Since when does the increase payment begin? | ANSWERS

The salary panorama in the educational field will experience a significant change, due to the increase in salaries for teachers in Peru. This measure, which seeks to recognize the invaluable work of educators and improve their economic conditions, has generated various doubts among teachers. In this note we will provide all the details you should know about this topic.


According to the information that can be seen in Supreme Decree No. 036 that was published in the official newspaper El Peruano on March 17, 2023, the minimum salary of a teacher in the Public Teaching Career, according to the hours linked to the working day that govern based on the modality, percentage index or cycle in which academic services are provided as appointed, It will go from S/2,850 to 3,100 starting in November.

Likewise, teachers who work as Coordinating Teacher in the Non-School Initial Education Program (PRONOEI) or Coordinating Teacher in the National Diocesan Office of Catholic Education (ONDEC), or in the Diocesan Office of Catholic Education (ODEC), in condition Of those hired, they currently receive a RIM equivalent to S/3,800, but starting in the eleventh month of the year it will rise to S/4,050.


In order to favor both economically and professionally teachers, teachers, and also professionals belonging to the Public Teaching Career (CPM) who provide support to the teacher in its training and disciplinary activities, the Minedu and the Sutep agreed to benefit them in 2023 with the exceptional and extraordinary granting of an economic amount amounting to the 220 soles.

According to information shared by the single platform of the Peruvian state based on the dialogue held by both parties, and within the framework of the collective bargaining agreement 2023-2024 signed, one of the agreements proposed and agreed upon refers to and provides that more than half a million teachers appointed and hired at the national level, receive this new bond with the objective of guaranteeing the continuity of school classes throughout the country during said period, the free education and also the validity of public schools.

It should be noted that in addition the S/220 They will be directed towards teachers from schools managed by the Ministry of Defense, and professors who work in basic education institutions, who, regarding this great announcement, received other good news about the delivery of a new bond exceptional, but this time equivalent to the S/380 to be paid during the first quarter of 2024.

It is important to specify that the payment of bond for teachers established for the beginning of next year, must and will begin to be managed before the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), while the S/220 if they can be reflected in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries in a specific month in 2023.


Soon, the Ministry of Education will publish all the vacant organic positions for the public competition for entry to the Public Teaching Career (CPM).

A bill will also be presented so that appointment contests are held annually until 2030. This seeks to allow teachers to enter the CPM through public contests that ensure merit and quality of teaching. in the educational service.


With the aim of facing the impacts of the rising cost of living and the El Niño phenomenon, the State reported the subsidies that it will continue to grant to people who are within the population group in a vulnerable situation. Below, we tell you the details about the bonuses that Dina Boluarte commented on in her last message to the nation.

  • FertiAbono 2: The president announced that the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Risk will help 166,000 agricultural producers with an economic figure that exceeds 136 million soles, which will be allocated to workers who cultivate plots of up to 10 hectares. This measure will support the development of the next agricultural campaign. Likewise, it should be noted that 640 traveling markets will be organized in 23 regions of the country.
  • AgroPeru Fund: In the message to the nation it was announced that this program will offer loans to 16,000 small organized agricultural producers. The budget allocated to the AgroPerú Fund will be 200 million soles.
  • Resilient Puna: As explained by the president of Peru, this program seeks to support 1,200 producers in charge of 10,000 hectares of high Andean ecosystems. With this help, crop and breeding adaptations will be made to improve their income, based on value chains or practices to know how to face events due to the climate.
  • With Punch Peru: This project is designed to promote other social programs such as Juntos, Pensión 65 and Contigo. It also seeks to strengthen common pots, expand the FISE voucher and speed up access to natural gas with a new strategy. The investment in this project is 12,000 million soles.
  • MYPERÚ Impulse: This plan, corresponding to the state program, aims to recover more than 200,000 mypes. Because of this, an amount of S/3,000 million in credits will be financed. In addition, in the fourth quarter of this year an improved expansion of the Reactiva Peru Program will be carried out, according to La República.
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