Perú Trail Series: The 2023/2024 Championship is officially presented

  • 25 thousand Soles will be distributed in cash prizes, in equal amounts between both genders.
  • The final of the circuit will take place in the incredible landscape of San Lorenzo Island.

ANDThis summer the circuit returns Peru Trail Seriesthe only mountain racing championship with monetary prizes in the country (S/25,000) and one of the most influential sporting events in the local industry.

In this new edition, the fact that the championship has modified its calendar stands out and now all the races will be during the summer season, months in which more sports are usually practiced. This summer 2024 begins with the first date of the circuit in the mythical Sanctuary of Amancay in Pachacamac, which will take place on November 25, 2023 and will be carried out thanks to the support of Electrolight, Fitpoint, Nutripoint, Unacem, Buff & Petzl.

Outdoor sports are taking on more and more importance and participants value contact with nature and the practice of a sporting discipline as attractive as running or walking, both valid in mountain races. The discipline has had exponential growth in recent years. In 2005 there was only one event a year and today, it is expected to close the year with more than 90 events. Trail running has its DNA in our own culture, dating back to our ancestors, the Chasquis, who ran along the Inca roads through the mountain range and mountains, to communicate between citadels.

Now, with the sport already reactivated almost 100%, the summer 2024 season is coming running through the mountains of the capital. Perú Trail Series seeks to provide participants with outdoor life experiences that allow them to be in contact with themselves, enjoying nature and the magical landscapes that will be covered during the four races.

Although these sporting events will bring together the best exponents of national trail running, the entire community of the country is expected to enjoy this sports festival. Mountain runners, marathon runners, hikers, walkers and any athlete will be able to test themselves and leave their comfort zones and live new experiences in the mountains.

Lima Mountains

Another important point to consider is that the Perú Trail Series takes place in open places, with minimal crowds and in beautiful places in the middle of nature and less than two hours from the capital. The locations will also allow everyone to spend a full day with family, friends and the running community, given that the race now has 4 distances: 2km for children, 6km for those just starting out, 10k and 21km for the older ones. daring

The circuit brings a proposal with various parallel activities that transcends the race itself and expands the experience of each of the participants and attendees. Members of the whole family are expected at the event, where there will be activations of the sponsoring brands, food trucks, music and many surprises. We will also seek to positively impact the communities in each area, installing artisan stands, where they can purchase their products. Additionally and no less important, it seeks to value the mountains on the outskirts of Lima and protect them from imminent invasions.

Rating system

To qualify for awards at the end of the season, points will be awarded to the Top 30 of each distance and each gender. The prizes in the 6K and 10K distances will be products from our sponsoring brands, while in the 21K distance we will have S/25,000.00 in cash. The Top 5 will be awarded at the closing of the championship.

To be eligible for prizes, runners must comply with the following instructions:

  • Participate in at least 2 of the 3 qualifying dates.
  • Be among the Top 30 on each date they run.
  • Participate in the championship final on San Lorenzo Island.

To determine the champions, the 2 best results of the qualifying dates will be considered, plus the result of the final that has double points.


There will be three price stages: Pre-sale I, Pre-sale II and Final Prices. As the regular period approaches, prices will increase. Registrations also include mobility to each of the locations, thanks to Civa.


The peculiarity of the Peru Trail Series is that all the dates are located near Lima. Going to each location will take less than two hours of travel, for the convenience of all participants and the attending public.

Date 3

March 2, 2024 / Lomas de Asia

Final date

April 13, 2024 / San Lorenzo Island


Perú Trail Series is organized and produced with the highest standards and professionalism by Diego Casabonne, general director and professional mountain runner along with the support of the production company LDV Producciones.

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