Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal leads the civic-sports parade on the occasion of the 113th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Social Revolution

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal leads the civic-sports parade on the occasion of the 113th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Social Revolution
Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal leads the civic-sports parade on the occasion of the 113th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Social Revolution

-Yucatecan families enjoyed the colorful parade in which the main streets of the Historic Center of Mérida became a great catwalk of physical demonstrations, the passage of impressive vehicles to maintain the security of the state and colorful costumes alluding to this great struggle of 1910.

Mérida, Yucatán, November 20, 2023.- Adelitas, revolutionaries, human pyramids, war bands, bodyguards and colorful costumes were displayed in the streets of the Historic Center of Mérida on the occasion of the civic-sports parade on the occasion of the 113th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Social Revolution, which Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal led and enjoyed together with Yucatecan families commemorating this important struggle that marked the history of Mexico.

With the permission of the Governor from the main balcony of the Government Palace, the parade began, where together with civil and military authorities, he observed the passage of 4,673 elements divided into 68 contingents, which toured the main streets of this city.

In a great family atmosphere and accompanied by his wife, María Eugenia Ortiz Abraham, and his children Alejandrina, Mauricio and Santiago, Vila Dosal greeted the groups of military, police and student forces, who demonstrated martial spirit throughout the journey. which started from Paseo de Montejo, crossing the main streets of the Historic Center of this capital until reaching the San Juan neighborhood.

In the course that lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes, there was the presence of elements from the Secretariats of National Defense (Sedena) with a large contingent made up of 410 personnel, from the Navy (Semar), with the participation of 61 agents and the Municipal Police, which are made up of 270 elements, who showed their work to safeguard Mexicans, with self-defense routines, training, among other activities.

The tour opened with the motorcycle unit of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), a contingent that was made up of elements from different areas of the state to give way to the educational contingent, in which 43 contingents made up of 2,751 people from 48 schools paraded. , as a sign of the high sense of patriotism of young Yucatecans.

It was the Yucatecan students from the basic, upper secondary and upper levels who were in charge of coloring this parade with allusive costumes while they performed rhythmic tables and walked with pennants, pompoms, ribbons, while others made pictures alluding to this fact, dressed as charros and adelitas, who brought smiles along with them.

The admiration and recognition of the Yucatecans was seen during the intervention of the elements and the women’s squad of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), who demonstrated their skill and discipline through impressive acrobatics such as the tiger jump, as well as such as pyramids on the floor of the Chichén Itzá pyramid and many others on moving vehicles and motorcycles.

To cause great excitement in the attendees, the police corporation showed off their mariachi aboard a crane, which enlivened the parade as it passed.

Just as demonstrations by the Canine Unit could not be missed on the procedures carried out in scenarios that put the safety of citizens at risk, such as kidnappings, robberies and assaults, as well as the taking of hostages, revealing their high level of training and capacity for action.

Groups from the State Sports Institute (IDEY), the Municipal Police of Mérida, the Mexican Red Cross, Pentathlon Deportivo Militarizado XXXI Yucatán Zone, Club Cero Óxido AC, Porsche Wheels, Mustang Mérida Club, Widows Sons Chapter Yucatán also participated in the event. and Yucatán 4×4 Group, motorcycle community and Lawless Tribe.

Just as great events were carried out recreating what the Mexican revolution was like with armed men and women rising up against the Porfiriato.

Finally, elements of the Sedena showed gallantry with a demonstration of their training, as well as rhythmic tables. Also, they exhibited weapons, equipment and cargo vehicles that they use in their work.

Before and during the event, the SSP, in coordination with the Municipal Police of Mérida, deployed a surveillance, protection and road operation, in order to guarantee the tranquility of the attendees.

After the tour, Inspector General Jesús Kú Chel, commander of the southern sector of the SSP, stated that the information report was uneventful.

Regarding human and material resources, he pointed out that participation was broken down into 75 flags, 93 pennants, 64 bodyguards, 30 war bands, 2 banners, 161 vehicles, 58 motorcycles, 212 weapons, 10 revolutionary stamps, 5 bicycles, 17 animals, 1 boat, 5 ATVs, 1 trailer, 28 secondary schools and 25 middle and high schools.

Moments before 8 in the morning, Vila Dosal, accompanied by the head of the General Secretariat of Government (SGG), María Fritz Sierra, and representatives of the Powers, carried out the hoisting of the national flag on the central flagpole of the Plaza Grande , which began the commemorative activities for this anniversary.

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