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Businesses record sales without increase in “Buen Fin” 2023

Businesses record sales without increase in “Buen Fin” 2023
Businesses record sales without increase in “Buen Fin” 2023

Zacatecas, Zac. The National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Zacatecas (Canacozac) expects an economic impact of at least 80 million pesos during the “Buen Fin” 2023, however many Zacatecans were not interested in acquiring products or services and merchants They recorded completely normal sales, with no increase in population influx.

In a survey carried out by Meganoticias in the main streets of the Historic Center during this Monday, November 20, some merchants registered casualties and others on a regular basis. They considered that the lack of communication and promotion, as well as the competition from large companies, since the latter advanced the program up to a week in advance, could have influenced the low or low response from the people.


“There has not been a drastic change through the Buen Fin program, such that sales of the shoe store here have increased.”

“It was not the same as previous years: it did help, there was some sales, it did increase a little but it was not like in other years (…) I considered, I think there was a lack of more promotion from the government, because this idea was born from government many years ago.

“In general, it was somewhat lonely, sales were not as we expected.”

For their part, some Zacatecas believed that they were not aware of the existence of the “Buen Fin”, and others did go to make their purchases regularly, taking advantage of the promotions of said program.


“No, because I had never known that there was a program, and I have not been well informed about it, it doesn’t even attract my attention enough to search for that topic.”

“We make our purchases routinely, but we take advantage of some offers, but we don’t go out specifically to look for the “Good End.”

“Well, I bought shoes; I bought some boots and they did give me a 50 (percent) discount.”

“Well, yes, I made purchases, well you can tell that they do give the discount, but they do say it’s a lie…) as before they raise the price, but when you go to the “Buen Fin” they lower it, but according to that you They give more discounts but take advantage of this weekend.”

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