Argentina scored an “own goal” with the election of Milei as the new president: AMLO

By ruling out that in Mexico there is a possibility for the return of right to the canhe President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He assured that with the election of the right-wing Javier Milei as the new president, the people of Argentina He scored “an own goal” and assured that this decision “is not going to help them.”

The head of the federal Executive assured that he respects the decision that “a majority group made” in Argentina, even with all the “antidemocratic elements” used by the mafia of economic and political power throughout the country.

“We respect the decision made by a majority group in Argentina, we respect that decision, although it is something that we consider will not help them, but the people are sovereign even with all the undemocratic elements used by the mafia of economic power and political power in everywhere, for example the control of the media, the media control, impressive in Argentina, in Chile, everywhere in Mexico, but there it is worse, there is a lot of manipulation, to put it in a word, with all due respect, “It was an own goal.”

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“And I do not agree, although I respect the decision of the people, with right-wing governments, I do not agree with classist, racist governments, I do not agree with hypocrisy, which is what characterizes the right, the only doctrine,” he said.

In the National Palace and at the beginning of the 2024 presidential pre-campaigns, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ruled out the possibility of the right returning to govern the country.

“Here we do not have that risk, there is nothing to fear, the people of Mexico are very aware, they are one of the most politicized people in the world and they know very well that right-wing governments only favor minorities, they are defenders of conservatism, they are “The right-wing governments, employed by the oligarchies, dedicate themselves to looting the people, the nations, they have neither love nor respect for the people, that is already known here.”

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