Filven 2023 will tour Venezuela

Filven 2023 will tour Venezuela
Filven 2023 will tour Venezuela
Caracas.- President Nicolás Maduro announced that the Venezuela International Book Fair (Filven) will travel throughout the country, after the success achieved in Caracas.

“This is a highlight of the International Book Fair with Palestine,” said Maduro when referring to Venezuela’s solidarity with the brother people of Palestine. He congratulated the writers and poets who participated in FilVen 2023, which now moves to the interior of the country.

In this particular, the Minister for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, expressed satisfaction with the 19th edition that was held in the Laguito spaces, in the Military Circle of the capital city.

“Many people came to the Laguito spaces for the first time… it is a very beautiful place, from a visual and landscape point of view,” said Villegas, while adding that everything is glimpsed when combined with books.

He indicated that at Filven 2023 the presentation of books was combined with the exhibition of sculptures by Fernando Botero (Colombia) and Francisco Narváez (Venezuela). “Together they are two colossal giants,” he said.

He reported that the works of Fernando Botero and Francisco Narváez will now be moved to the National Art Gallery (GAN), so that those who could not attend Filven 2023 will now be able to do so in that space, located in Bellas Artes.

Finally, Minister Ernesto Villegas pointed out that the Jewish Harvard professor, Lukas Cornell, appeared on the central stage of Filven 2023, who read a statement from that community in the United States, where they reject the genocide of the Zionist State of Israel against the people. Palestinian.


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