Barrionuevo denounced Dusso again for Rojas’ crime

Barrionuevo denounced Dusso again for Rojas’ crime
Barrionuevo denounced Dusso again for Rojas’ crime

November 21, 2023 – 00:25

The gastronomic leader Luis Barrionuevo once again criticized the vice-governor of the province, Rubén Dusso, and accused him of having participated in the “cover-up” maneuver of the murder of the Minister of Social Development and secretary of UTHGRA in Catamarca, Juan Carlos Rojas, in December from last year. According to Barrionuevo, it was Dusso who ordered the ruling party’s legislators to vote in favor of the acquittal of prosecutor Laureano Palacios in the jury that concluded last June.

“There is a lieutenant governor who committed a very serious act of cover-up. He has two legislators whom he made vote not to sanction the prosecutor, and I believe that everything was rigged, everything was messy from the beginning of the investigation. Everything that happened was horrible and he is not going to leave my mind until they prove me otherwise,” Barrionuevo said in statements to El Ancasti.

Barrionuevo also pointed out against the Judiciary and assured that “some were hand-picked without any experience” and stressed that they decided to insist now with the request for justice because, after the elections, “no one will be able to say that there are conspiracies.”

“Justice here is not slow: it comes in a cart. I think they are incapable, there are many incapable and really the Governor appointed some by hand, without any type of experience. The Executive will have to step up and give us what we are looking for, which is the clarification of the crime. This is what moves us,” said the gastronomic, noting that this will be the axis of the march they call for tomorrow, Wednesday, which will also culminate with a mass in tribute to the late Juan Carlos Rojas .

The gastronomic assured that the minister’s murderer “is in a small space, not very big.” “He doesn’t leave my mind.” Justice lacks capacity, there was a lot of sloppiness. I think that this Justice does not serve Catamarca either: they earn fortunes and do not really comply with what is due to them. This is what the Governor will have to see; “He is responsible for the Executive and he also appointed some judges,” he recalled.

Barrionuevo stressed that this Wednesday’s call responds to the fact that “we let a year pass and Justice did not give us answers” and assured that in the union “we are not going to rest until they give us who was responsible for the murder of Juan Carlos Rojas “.

“Many may have believed that we were going to stay quiet. What we did was act responsibly, not get involved in an issue as tragic as crime in politics, and now we want you to really give us what we are looking for, the investigation that corresponds and who were the murderers or the murderer. We are not going to rest until this happens,” he insisted.

In that sense, he stressed that after the second presidential round “there is no more choice.” “That’s it. Nobody is going to be able to say that there are conspiracies.

Here we go with everything, all the gastronomic ones, because Juan Carlos was a hard-working person, loved by the entire union. Juan Carlos was the best as a companion, a serious person, and in this circle where the incident really occurred, unfortunately, is where we intend to discover who he was. I think they are not far away,” he remarked.

Second round

Also in statements to El Ancasti, Barrionuevo had already launched his first accusations against Dusso, pointing out that everything that happened was “a shame” and that the vice-governor “accompanied that shame.” “He undoubtedly covered up the failure of prosecutor Laureano Palacios by ensuring that his associates in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators did not dismiss him as the people requested. It is a great responsibility for the lieutenant governor, who will have to assume it,” he said at the end of August. .

With those statements he aroused the anger of the partner parties of Unión por la Patria in Catamarca, many of whom were referring to the Rojas case for the first time, and they did so to ensure that Barrionuevo’s public complaint was “reprehensible”, since not even “He even has a minimum of proof, which is typical of people with a miserable side.” “Rather, we must accompany the Rojas family in their pain and, as a society as a whole, fight for clarification and demand for justice in the face of such a violent event,” they had stated.

However, the parties and groups also expressed their rejection of the gastronomic for that first approach to the libertarian Javier Milei and regretted that he is a partner of the Executive “not only as an adherent, but with the management of the Ministry of Social Development of the Province, which is managed by its sector.”


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