Abinader tours disaster zones in Duarte and San José de Ocoa | AlMomento.net

Abinader tours disaster zones in Duarte and San José de Ocoa | AlMomento.net
Abinader tours disaster zones in Duarte and San José de Ocoa | AlMomento.net

The President toured the affected areas this Monday the 20th.

DUARTE.- President Luis Abinader today toured the Duarte and San José de Ocoa provinces, where he listened to agricultural producers and people seriously affected by the weekend rains.

After hearing the evaluation of the damage left by the tropical phenomenon, Abinader reiterated that those affected will receive help from the Government.


Both in the Duarte province and in Ocoa, the producers were grateful for Abinader’s presence and for being able to count on the assistance of the Government.

After speaking with producers and community members from Guaraguao, La Reforma, Barraquito and Las Coles, the president called on them to unite with civility and a sense of justice to prioritize the care of those who are in the worst situation.

The first thing is to save lives, in case there are some that are in danger right now, and then move on to resolve the material issues, he said.


He pointed out that the important thing is that the Government has aid for the communities, both in the agricultural sector and in the area of ​​housing and road works.

Help will arrive, but it will be much faster and much more efficient if we do it together and organized, he said.

He stated that, to the still flooded areas, aid will continue to arrive through different institutions such as the Presidency’s Social Plan.


In the province of San José de Ocoa, the president visited the areas of Rancho Arriba (areas affected by the Agrarian Reform), as well as the area cut off by the Los Quemados River / Monte Negro.

Later, he was on a collapsed bridge in Sabana Larga where Keisy Ortiz died and visited his family, to whom he expressed his regret for what happened, making government help available to them.


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