Guide that groups all social benefits is launched at Hospital San José

Continuing with the logic of bringing the different social benefits provided by the State to citizens, during the morning of this Monday, the presidential delegate, Constanza Martínez; together with the director of the Division of Social Organizations, Ignacio Achurra; the Seremi of Social Development, Lorena Estivales and the mayor of Independencia, Gonzalo Durán, led the delivery of the Benefits Guide at the San José Hospital.

This guide unifies in a single printed document, it addresses all the benefits that citizens can access in matters as important as: Health, Education, Work, Pensions, Housing, Transportation, Income supplements, in addition to having a special chapter on communication channels.

The presidential delegate, Constanza Martínez, declared: “It is an explanatory guide that aims to bridge digital gaps so that people can quickly and easily access all social benefits in different aspects, that is, health, pensions, care and “It also complements the family pocket.”

In addition, Martínez added: “We want the state to be friendlier, to be easier to access and for this also being able to leave all the benefits that you can apply for in one place is something important.”

Ignacio Achurra, director of the Division of Social Organizations, for his part, stated that this guide aims to bring this vital information closer and that can make a difference for many families in our country.

Finally, the mayor of Independencia, Gonzalo Durán, commented “we are serving our neighbors,” ensuring that we must strengthen the dissemination channels, a task that this guide seeks to complement. Furthermore, he assured that, “the municipality of Independencia, but all the municipalities in the country, are going to be deploying in the territory.”

Residents of the northern area of ​​Santiago receiving the printed guide.

This launch is combined with the unification of portals to apply for competitive projects and funds, presented by the Segegob at the end of October. Along the same lines, you can now find the guide to social benefits. Below you can read the complete guide:

benefits-guide (1)

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