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Ibagué gets ready to light Christmas

Ibagué gets ready to light Christmas
Ibagué gets ready to light Christmas


under the name ‘Ibagué is Magic’, on Thursday, December 7, the Christmas lights will be turned on. This time there are more than 4,500 large figures in 3D format with themes alluding to myths, legends, tradition and folklore, they will be in charge of coming to life in more than 20 points of the city.

He Sports park It will be the epicenter of this activity that from 5:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 at night will welcome locals and tourists to the BMX track to kick off the happiest time of the year.

“We will have an agenda for the whole family, we will start with a children’s strip accompanied by a puppet show, ball pool and games; Next, we will have a magic show, the presentation of the Christmas play by the group of young people ‘I’m working’ and the fireworks show that will officially turn on the lighting throughout the city,” commented Felipe La Rota, manager of Infibagué.

On this occasion, some pieces of Christmas lighting were available in sectors such as Villa Restrepo, in the Combeima Canyon, El Ricaurte Park and Panopticon Cultural Complex.

Likewise the traditional areas such as Carrera Quinta, Parque de La Música, Parque Manuel Murillo Toro, Plaza de Bolívar and El Salado. Also the main roundabouts and the pedestrian route of the third race.

On Saturday, December 16, the Christmas bonus novena will be held at the Panóptico Cultural Complex, a day that will be accompanied by a show by the musical group ‘Los Fantasmas de la Navidad’.


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